Thursday, September 4, 2008

Echoes of Futures Past

Last year, Mike Shanahan was asked for his position on the team, prior to the first game of the season, "We're undefeated..." he said as he kept walking briskly. He was right, two weeks later, still undefeated. The Walker injury, the Indianapolis game, then Travis Henry, we were a team that had overdosed and in desperate need of an intervention. Or at least a breath. There was none to be had, a team that couldn't breath, back against the wall and stumbling punch drunk.

I've referenced the dark cloud before, I'm not going there again, but I will say there's nothing like the days before the season starts. Knowing only that you really don't know is always the most exciting part of any game for me, it just gets magnified prior to the season. The optimist in me usually strangles the pessimist in me and this is usually around the time that I cut off my nose to spite having a knife.

Seems a far cry from, "We're undefeated," doesn't it? I don't have anything bad to say about the Raiders, hell, I feel bad for them. I am working for someone whom I is very similar to the Raiders owner/general manager Al Davis. Similar in that they're both far past their time, stuck with old ideas and burdened by the fact that they'll never quite be great again. Sad in that life has dwindled down to just one measly possession and like a good captain of a ship, they will hold the mast as their old age blinds them into every oncoming iceberg until there is nothing left of the ship to hold onto and nothing but the cold dead sea will be there to embrace them in the end.

Did you see the look in Mike Shanahan's eyes when he said, "No, it doesn't dissipate at all." (01:05). How he held his gaze and his eyes grew cold, could you feel his thoughts? As the reporter continued the question and Shanahan's eyes literally went bloodshot on camera, "When I said it doesn't dissipate, that's what that means..." (01:18). He's laughing, but that's so he doesn't axe that guy right there. I know exactly how he feels and this is how I know that this season is different than any other. It also happens to be the reason why earlier I said that I feel bad for the Oakland Raiders.

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