Monday, August 25, 2008

Denver Broncos release three: Parker, Mallard, Lorne

Tuesday is the deadline for the rosters being trimmed to 75, yet today Denver released three players.

Veteran wide receiver Samie Parker cut.
Most notable of the cuts is veteran wide receiver Samie Parker who came to the Denver Broncos via free agency, Parker was a long time Kansas City Chief. He came at a time prior to the Broncos signing wide receiver Darrell Jackson, who is expected to start opposite Brandon Marshall/Eddie Royal this season.

The Denver Broncos also cut defensive tackle Josh Mallard and wide receiver Lorne Sam. Josh Mallard is a major surprise, as he has seen time with the first-team defense on several occasions during training camp and in rushing situations. Mallard played in only a couple of games last season, but was able to compile three sacks.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big Changes Coming

Everyone, I know that I've been a bit sporadic with the updates lately. I have been doing my best to make updates that you haven't known about the whole day when I do make an update. I'm being sub-planted on the east coast (back to New York City), so I've been running around, finding apartments and such... However, there are some rather major things in the works here at your favorite Denver Broncos Blog.

All will be revealed very soon, I can't give anything away just yet, but soon.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos: 4th Quarter

4th and goal from tehe 1. Patrick Ramsey rolls, diving attempt by Clifford Russell is incomplete.

Packers get it from their own one yard line, rush out to their one five-yard line.

Would love to see a pass-rush here, fat chance, but the Broncos and Roderick Rogers stop Green Bay on the next run, next play Brohm's pass is incomplete as he goes 0-4. Packers punt from deep in their own end-zone.

Glenn Martinez drops the punt, but makes it to the Packers 45.

Here we go, would love to see Darrell Hackney in here, but apparently only the Denver Broncos fans can see that he is clearly the number two quarterback in Denver. So Ramsey marches back out.

Ramsey hits Keary Colbert on a deep pass, but Colbert drops it as the Packers safety knocks it loose. Ow well, guys that make the team would have caught that.

Ramsey dumps it off to his old faithful Michael Pittman for about six, follows it up with a nice pass for a Broncos first down. Ramsey is 8-12

Ramsey pitches it out to Michael Pittman for about 6. Pittman's feeling Anthony Aldridge on his heels, so he's running like there is no tomorrow, but barely misses the next down.

Peyton Hillis gets the hand-off, and he gets the first down.

Andre Hall comes in and runs for five yards. Hall on the next play fights through three tacklers for two more yards, to the 19. 3rd and five.

Ramsey to Clifford Russell for nine yards, first down Denver!

Ramsey reads his progressions, dumps it off to Michael Pittman for a touchdown pass. 8:27 left to go 24-20 Broncos.

Domonique Foxworth stays high to stop the first Packers pass for three.

Broncos show blitz and stop the run for two, Packers try to quick pass- Foxworth is not having that. Packers will punt. Packers punt 75 yards out to the one... Wow, John Ryan, of the Packers with an official 72 yard kick.

Ramsey's back out lob to Clifford Russell who catches, then doesn't catch the ball.

Pittman on 2nd down runs for about two.

Ramsey is hit as he throws and bobbles an INTERCEPTION to Jason Humphrey on his own 10 yard line. Mile High Salute Patrick Ramsey! Here's to one more before the end of the game, Jack Williams can't save your ass this time. Well, maybe he can, he is Jack "M****F***in'" Williams. Oh good he's hurt, maybe the Broncos will be forced to cut him.

2nd and goal, Jarvis Moss in on the tackle. Green Bay in the I formation. Hand off fumbles on the one and the refs call Lumpkin down at the one. Niko Koutouvides makes the tackle to savee the touchdown.

3rd and one, the Broncos stop the diving touchdown. Creating 4th and one.

The Bronco crowd is so loud, that I can't hear Lumpkin get the touchdown for the lead. Packers lead 27-24.

Hopefully Darrell Hackney can save our soul now. And he will, time to show and prove my man, you can drunk drive, but can you drive sober. Let's get it! 3:15 left in the game.

Glenn Martinez gets it to the kick-off to the 35, Larry Birdine is now hurt.

Patrick Ramsey's arm is wrapped, 3:08 to go.

Hackney to Michael Pittman passes for negative four.

Hackney to Glenn Martinez and it's 3rd and five.

Slot left, Martinez in motion over the middle, first down to Martinez for 18 yards! Flag down, illegal motion on Denver five yard penalty 3rd down.

Hackney, 3rd and 10. Don't make me look like an asshole, passes deep down field to Keary Colbert at the 20. Hits his hands, Colbert drops is (of course) and the Broncos will punt. No, they're going for it 4th and 10.

Good to see Keary Colbert in on the third-team though, hopefully he'll be cut. Hackney literally has a Packers linebacker hanging on him, he's still up looking for an open receiver, as another Packer's linebacker levels him and he still gets the ball out of bounds.

Patrick Ramsey, notice how he didn't throw an interception.

Packers take over on downs, not on an interception.

First and ten Green Bay, Denver has two time outs and a Green Bay 2nd down with less than 1:45 left in the game.

Clock rolling, Shanahan doesn't care about winning this game as the Packers take a knee.

Truth is, Broncos first-team is better than the Packers' first-team.

Doom's not hurt, Marquand Manuel's not hurt and that's all I really need to know.

UPDATE: Shanahan says Manuel's thumb may have been broken.

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Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos: Third Quarter

Opening kickoff and Marquand Manuel is helped off the field, he is the starting free safety for Denver.

Patrick Ramsey comes in and Michael Pittman is handling handoffs.

Dibs on Ramsey's interceptions this half? I'd say two, I've got two...

Green Bay still has their first team defense on the field.

Ramsey has his pass knocked down as the Packers appeared to rush no one then, rushed nine at the last moment.

Brett Kern's punt is impressive, but is negated by the piss poor second-team punt defense and the Packers make the Broncos look like, well... The Broncos.

Green Bay Packers keep their first-team offense and the Broncos get their fifteen yards on the first play.

Wesley Woodyard stops the next play for no gain what-so-ever. 2nd and 13.

Karl Paymah's coverage on Greg Jones could have been pass interference, but Aaron Rodgers pass to Jones is out of bounds.

Next play, same play, Paymah gets called in teh end-zone for pass interference. First and goal on the one yard line.

Brandon Jackson is stopped on the one-yard line! Niko Koutouvides and Wesley Woodyard on the stop.

Jackson is stopped again by thee Denver second-team defensive line. Give Larry Birdine and Wesley Woodyard the credit.

Third time's a charm and Aaron Rodgers gets the touchdown on the QB sneak. 20-17 Green Bay, but remember that's the first-team Packers offense against the second-team Broncos defense.

UPDATE: Marquand Manuel has hurt his thumb and went to the locker room.

Broncos second-team offense stalled in their first drive, let's see where they go. Michael Pittman is wrapped up by Desmond Bishop, Pittman cut back way too early.

Patrick Ramsey's dump off to Michael Pittman goes barely for a first down, this is Pittman's specialty.

Pitch to Pittman goes nowhere, the safety Aaron Rouse stops it in the backfield.

Ramsey scrambling on the next play hits Keary Colbert for nine yards.

Ramsey's handoff to Pittman goees for negative yards and the punt team heads out.

The second-team offensive line just can't handle the pressure right now.

Packers punt returner catches the punt from Brett Kern and is knocked to the ground by his own player.

Noah Herron, Packers third-stringer, who beat a lampshade against a robber in the off-season, he nearly beat him to death. Regardless, he's now beating the Broncos to death, running for 4-10 yards at will. Brian Brohm is in at quarterback for the Packers.

Thank science the Packers brought in their second-team, because now the Broncos can compete again. Some pressure and dropped pass make it 2nd and 13 for Green Bay.

Defensive end Paul Carrington may be hurt on the Broncos side, the Broncos trainers rush out to help him.

Wesley Woodyard again in on a tackle, this #59 is an animal. However, the Broncos look like the Broncos of last year. Not able to make a tackle on a rush...

Alvin McKinley, doing his best to make a point pushes Packers quarterback Brohm to the ground as Tim Crowder bats the ball down. Domonique Foxworth breaks the 3rd down pass up and Mason Crosby is back in for 53 yards, but it's wide right.

Broncos second team offense may be clicking against this second-team defense... Pittman catches a dump from Ramsey for about eight. 3rd and 1. Ramsey bootlegs to Clifford Russell for the first down. A late hit on Patrick Ramsey gives Denver an extra 15 yards.

Clifford Russel's my guy by the way, the dark horse, Michael Pittman rushes on the next play for 15, Andre Hall comes in, first and goal from the 6.

Patrick Ramsey nearly passes for his first interception! Not quite as Ramsey's interception attempt to Clifford Russell is incomplete. Ramsey will be back though.

Ramsey hits Brett Pierce at the two yard line. That's two bootlegs in a row. Hall is still in the back field.

Cecil Sapp isn't enough to get into the backfield.

Paul Carrington- strained calf muscle done for the night as the third quarter is done.

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Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos: Second Quarter

Denver defensive coordinator Bob Slowik finally gets it together and the Denver Broncos are able to stop the Packers on 3rd and 16. Packers will punt to Eddie Royal.

Eddie Royal lets his rookie shine and waves off a punt that bounces to the one before the Packers down it. I'd really love to see Royal get a punt return.

Let's see if Denver can do a 99 yard drive.

Jay Cutler yet again guns a pass, incomplete, this time to Tony Scheffler 1-7.

Andre Hall runs up the middle for a gain of two yards. 4rd and 8.

Peyton Hillis! The best hands in the backfield, for the first down, he gets all the way to the 17.

Andre Hall breaks an 18 yard run. Selvin who? He's one player away from going yard.

Next play: Andre Hall again for about seven yards. Mike Shanahan loves to run backs back-to-back.

Selvin Young, yawn, Clifford Russell is wide as Selvin Young gains the three necessary for a first.

Jay Cutler on first from the shot gun, run a draw, Selvin Young takes it for about eight before Charles Woodson attempts to take his head off. Selvin Young runs for two on the next play.

That's the problem with Denver, focused on the first down, not focused on scoring.

Cutler roll and passes to Eddie Royal, Nick Rollins is draped all over him, but there is no passs interference.

Nate Jackson! With an incredible catch for a first down!

Screw Brandon Marshall, Andre Hall is the most dangerous player in Denver. Catching a dump out of the backfield. He goes for 20 to the 17 yard line. Broncos continue to drive off of their 99 yard drive

Hall taken out in favor of Michael Pittman, who gets the two yards the Broncos need for the first down.

Nate Jackson with the touchdown from Jay Cutler!

Matt Prater killed that kickoff, it ended up somewhere near the south standers...

DJ Williams with great coverage! Yet, he gets the pass interference. Yet, it's great to see DJ able to cover a receiver of Donald Driver's ability.

After that horrible play, Brandon Jackson catches a dump off pass, splits Jamie Winborn and Nate Webster and goes forever. Before Hall of Famer Champ Bailey gets him out of bounds.

Jamie Winborn makes up for it on the next play and the Packers still can't run on the Broncos.

No pressure on Aaron Rodgers, Nate Webster wraps up the Packers back on the dump off.

3rd and 6, four men in the box, there's a flag- damnit. I was looking forward to seeing how Denver held them. Off-sides on Green Bay. They're going for it again 3rd and 11. Denver holds! Barely though, Dre Bly missed a tackle on the third-string tight end.

Packers going for it on fourth, quarterback sneak and, Aaron Rodgers gets his second quarter back sneak.

John Engleberger destroys Brandon Jackson on the next play. Nate Webster **** the bed and missed the first tackle. 2nd and 5.

Question marks everywhere... Either Dallas is horrible or Green Bay is really incredibly good. Don't know yet.

When Denver's not rushing, they have four men in the box, the three linebackers way back and they kind of just float there...

Dump pass is swallowed up by Marlon McCree and Kenny Peterson. Fourth down.

Elvis Dumervil hurt a finger, great...

Mason Crosby in for a field goal 10-10.

Two minute offense time, Jay Cutler comes out with 1:41 left on his 20.

Pass play deep to Brandon Marshall and it looks like it's intercepted. However, may have been interference and it is. 1st and 10 on the 48 yard line.

Cutler looks deep TOUCHDOWN BRANDON MARSHALL, same play, same man, defender knocks the ball into Brandon Marshall's hand.

Here's the message to the NFL, give Brandon Marshall on one-on-one coverage and he will destroy you.

Took the Broncos 16 seconds to score, this is Madden '08 type football. I am not kidding, the problem is that Denver only took 16 seconds off, but it gives us a chance to see the number one defense against an urgent offense.

Over the middle, Donald Driver catches one off of Marlon McCree, gave Driver at least 15 yards.

Dump off to Marency, goes for 10. 56 seconds left and two timeouts for the Packers.

Domonique Foxworth yet again shows why he's a number three corner back, letting the Packers catch yet again in front of him, another first and 10.

No pass rush, of course Green Bay gains another 9, Jamie Winborn on the tackle off of the dump off.

This bend but not break defense... I don't know. 14 seconds left and the Packers call a time onut on their own. 34. The tight end hurdles Foxworth on his way to the sideline. Smart attempt, poor execution.

Aaron Rodgers passes deep into the end-zone, but Foxworth blankets Greg Jennings and it goes out of bounds.

Mason Crosby comes in with five seconds left. 13-17 Denver and it's halftime.

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Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos: First Quarter

Got started just a bit late, sorry guys.

Broncos D-line looked pathetic on the first series.

Got scored on, where was the covereage?

I don't get why our sweep plays are starting off so deep. It's never worked for us and now we're trying it still in the preseason.

Giant run for the Broncos from Selvin Young, that's what we've been waiting for from Young.

Selvin Young's lining up literally 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage, I don't understand. He runs 13 to gain three yards...

Jay Cutler looks good tucking and scrambling, hasn't been sacked yet ::knock on wood::

Andre Hall gets yet another first and ten, imagine that? Penalties, even with the Packers having 12 men on the field doesn't mean they can stop the inevitable which is Andre Hall. Green Bay's Charles Woodson hurt.

Jay Cutler's 0-3 a very far cry from last weekend. Just complete one man, we'll get back on track.

Cutler to Brandon Marshall! Finally!

Andre Hall was tackled by an unblocked strong safety. Nice!

Brandon Stokley has now missed two passes this series. This one was Cutler's fault.

Selvin Young, got both hands on a pass and can't come up with it. Bring Hall back in!

Here comes Matt Prater, he's missed his first attempt every game so far- He doesn't this time 3-7 Packers.

Let's see how the Denver Broncos defense does on their second series, after adjustments.

Nate Webster just owned someone in the Packer's running system and may have solidified his first-team membership.

DeWayne Robertson with his first major contribution to the defense!

Well, we get to see the Broncos in spread coverage, Marlon McCree proves once again to be useless in man-on-man.

Dre Bly gives Greg Jennings an inch, he takes a mile... Stop them Denver!

Well, Nate Webster and Champ Bailey made sure that the Packers knew they still can't run on us. Now, let's stop the pass.

There was a sack, Kenny Peterson somehow didn't get to him! Either way, Elvis Dumervil got called for off-sides, so it doesn't matter.

Packers are just marching down the field on Denver, this is pathetic. Come on Bob Slowik, figure it out.

Finally a sack! Doom! Elvis Dumervil lining up on the left side to wrap up the first quarter!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HBO's Hard Knocks featuring Denver Broncos tonight!

HBO's Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys features Dallas' trip to the Denver Broncos practice in Dove Valley this past week.

Sorry, forgot to announce this earlier, get your DV-R's ready. I'm watching it right now on the east coast. I'll be back to edit this with a review.

Know Your Opponent: Green Bay Packers

Denver Broncos record vs. Green Bay Packers: Home 4-1 Away 0-4-1, overall 5-5-1.

Connections: The Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers first met each other in 1974 during the preseason at Lambeau Field, the Broncos won 31-21 (the preseason was 6 games back then). The Broncos and Packers, coupled with the New England Patriots are the top three winning teams in the NFL since 1997 (Patriots: 135-73, Packers: 134-74, Broncos: 130-78). Since the NFL incorporated a 16 game season, Denver holds the most season with an undefeated record at home (4), the Packers are tied for second (3) with the Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs. Broncos are 6-2 in the preseason vs. the Packers and undefeated at home in the preseason.

On Denver's side: Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Bob Slowik came to Denver via Green Bay, where he was the defensive backs coach (2000-2001), assistant head-coach/defensive backs (2002-2003) and defensive coordinator (2004). Denver offensive assistant offensive coach Joe Baker coached the secondary in Green Bay in 2004, where they led the league against the pass. Denver defensive assistant Charlie Jackson also coached with Green Bay in 2006 where he was a defensive assistant/quality control.

Denver safety Marquand Manuel started every game for Green Bay in 2006, totaling a career-high 102 tackles and one interception returned for a touchdown.

History: Most notably Denver defeated Green Bay in Super Bowl XXXII, other than that it seems to be whoever is playing at home historically wins the ball game. With the exception of last season's 82-yard connection courtesy of Brett Favre. Quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler have befriended one another this off-season.

Key contributors: WR- Donald Driver, WR- Greg Jennings, RB- Ryan Grant, OL- Chad Clifton, LB- Nick Barnett, CB- Al Harris, CB- Charles Woodson and S- Atari Bigby.

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Tom Nalen to have another surgery

The Denver Post is reporting that Denver Broncos center Tom Nalen is going in for what head coach Mike Shanahan refers to as a, "clean-up." The surgery is to take place on Friday and comes after Nalen participated, though limited, in practice the last two days. This procedure is a last effort to have the ailing center ready for the Broncos Monday Night Football regular season debut two Mondays from now against the Oakland Raiders.

Nalen's backup at center Casey Wiegmann has anchored the offensive-line, that returns only one starter from last season, the whole preseason. Denver's in good hands either way, to me the situation is starting to make me look over out of the corner of my eye a little bit. Tom Nalen is a sure fire Hall of Famer and he may be desperately clinging to life in the NFL. Denver can afford to lose him, though it will burn...

Best of luck to Tom and we here at Broncos Denver Broncos hope that he is able to return soon.

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Sundquist joins ProFootballTalk

Former Denver Broncos General Manager Ted Sundquist has joined Mike Florio and the gang at Florio explains:

"We’re pleased, thrilled, happy, and frankly a bit befuddled to announce that former Denver Broncos G.M. Ted Sundquist will be joining the PFT team.


Ted will be responsible for a brand-new feature on the site. Each week, he’ll provide a scouting report for three selected games. Then, after the games are played, he’ll provide a scouting breakdown of each of the three contests."

Well, that's certainly exciting, should provide incredible insight, similar to how Sports Illustrated's Mike Lombardi is able to say so much with so little and provide incredible insight with his blurbs on his blog.

Ted Sundquist is no stranger to blogging either, he had a blog last year on

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TMQ article opens up some old wounds

I might be part to blame, calling that the 2008 Denver Broncos would finish somewhere between 14-2 and 12-4 this season. I predicted nearly every preseason position battles winner (including Marquand Manuel over Hamza Abdullah), I predicted the rise of Jay Cutler and Eddie Royal and I've also predicted that Andre Hall would be the number one back in Denver (okay that one hasn't happened yet, but I've finally got the bandwagon behind me).

An unconscious memory was ripped to the forefront of my brain after reading this afternoon's TMQ Broncos Preview. Dripping in glossy sarcasm Page 2's Greg Easterbrook, points out that amongst other things:
"Bob Slowik is the new guy, and twice already Slowik has been fired after a one-year stint as an NFL defensive coordinator. This makes him an ideal fit for the Denver program."
Ouch, I don't want to point out that once Slowik took over the Broncos defense last season, the running defense specifically bumped up three pegs, from worst in the league to 29th in the league. Granted the Broncos shut down the San Diego Charger's LaDanian Tomlinson in a meaningless game, the same defense shut down Minnesota Viking's Adrian Peterson in a game that would have sent the Vikings into the playoffs.

I'm not here to be a homer or to rebut every point made by TMQ, there are very valid points made in the article. They were valid seven months ago too, but take into account those two games I mentioned in the last paragraph and package them with how Dallas' new one-two-punch did last weekend.
"The Broncos were 7-4 with the inside track to a wild-card berth, quarterbacked by Jake Plummer, a career 41-22 with Denver, and boasting one of the league's top defenses. Then The Ultimate Leader, Mike Shanahan, benched Plummer and sent in rookie signal-caller Jay Cutler. Since that moment, the Broncos are 9-12, their defense has gone Fizzie and even their vaunted rushing game has become mortal, slipping to ninth in 2007."
Need I say more? Jake Plummer was quite a quarterback, but had Denver stuck with Steve DeBerg (another guy who was quite a quarterback) in 1983 John Elway would never have emerged. Plummer had his shot, multiple times in the playoffs and he blew it, multiple times in the playoffs.

It's getting old, fans of Denver are ready to look forward to the upcoming season, why can't the media just let them? Take into account now, not last week, month, year... Right now, that's what matters.

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Report: Horn likes San Diego & Denver

UPDATE: Joe Horn's agent has contacted every team.

The Atlanta Falcons have finally caved to wide receiver Joe Horn's demand to be traded's Bill Williamson is reporting:
[Joe Horn's] agent, Ralph Vitolo, said he plans to talk to both teams.

"If they are interested in us, we'd be interested in them," Vitolo said of the Chargers and the Broncos.

Not sure if everyone knows the Joe Horn story, it's only a little reminiscent of a recent of a recently retired Bronco receiver. Horn had signed a letter of intent to play college football at the University of South Carolina, however, do to a bad GPA and low SAT score he was not able to attend the school. Horn went to junior college at Itawamba Community College in Fulton, MS. In his two years at Intawamba, he had 54 catches for 878 yards and seven touchdowns.

He returned home to Fayetteville, NC after having little success in college, to work with his mother at a Bojangles restaurant. While there he was down to his last six dollars when he decided to buy a Jerry Rice workout tape for $3,95 at a local Blockbuster (from Wikipedia):

He then proceeded to work out in Fayetteville and made a highlight film with some colorful music which he sent to various teams. Memphis Mad Dogs coach Pepper Rodgers got this tape and offerend Horn a contract. He was signed by the Memphis Mad Dogs of the Canadian Football League for the 1995 season, where he led his team in receptions (71) and receiving yards (1414).

Why would Horn not be interested in the Raiders or the Chiefs? Well, Horn began his career with the Kansas City Chiefs, who drafted him out of the CFL in 1996. When he left the Chiefs in 2000 for the New Orleans Saints he blew up, catching 94 passes for 1,354 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Horn has had four years in his career in which he's received over 1,000 yards. He has 603 career receptions, 8,733 yards and 58 touchdowns in 12 years in the NFL.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Trouble in Oakland

While it is absolutely no secret that there is a cold war between Oakland Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin and owner Al Davis, Kiffin's making it even less of a secret how miserable the situation is getting.

In two articles from the Contra Costa Times entitled, "Coach Kiffin has no power to upgrade Raiders roster," and, "Does Raiders coach Kiffin want confrontation with Al Davis?" The paper highlights several quotes from Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin, including, but not limited to the following:

"I'm trying to win," Kiffin responded Sunday.

To which the paper asks:

Win what, exactly? Games, or his own freedom?

In the confrontation article, the paper bring up the following Kiffin quotes:

  • Day 1 of training camp: "When you take this job you realize who the owner is and you realize most guys don't last really long, so that is what it is." (He added that he and Davis have a "working relationship" and a shared desire to win.)

  • Day 3 of camp: After praising defensive lineman Tommy Kelly's potential, Kiffin noted: "He's got a lot to prove now with that contract."

  • Last Monday, Aug. 11: Disappointed by the team's depth, Kiffin said: "It's been a situation that, unfortunately, we haven't brought guys in. I control what I can control. We come out every day and get our guys as good as we can. I'm pleased with the top of our roster, but we need to add to the bottom of our roster. We need more competition."

  • Friday night, after losing at Tennessee: In terms of who might supplant punt returner Johnnie Lee Higgins, Kiffin said: "I really don't have anybody to look at, that's the problem. There isn't anybody there that's very dynamic with the ball."

  • Saturday media conference call: Rightfully irked by wide receiver Javon Walker missing two catch-able passes Friday, Kiffin said: "... That's discouraging because he was paid an awful lot of money, paid like one of the top five receivers in the NFL. We need him to make those plays.
  • What does this mean for the Denver Broncos? Well, it certainly can't hurt our week one odds of emerging undefeated and welcoming the San Diego Chargers into Mile High. I truly do feel for Lane Kiffin, well as much as I possibly could for a Raiders coach, remember Mike Shanahan was a coach under Al Davis for a short time. I know not everyone has worked for a geriatric boss who takes every opportunity to illustrate his power, but I have and Kiffin going public at 33 years-old, is probably the smartest thing that he can do.

    He's showing the potential employers out there that this situation isn't his fault. Of course he'll have no problem taking complete credit if they win either.

    BroncoTalk Ticket Giveaway

    Kyle over at BroncoTalk let me know about a ticket give away they are holding over at his blog BroncoTalk. Here's the information:
    "BroncoTalk - your source for Denver Broncos football - is very happy to announce a contest that will land one lucky Denver Broncos fan a $100 gift certificate from! Vivid Seats has always been your source for Denver Broncos tickets, and now they’ve agreed to give some away to our readers for free."
    You must follow this link here to enter the contest and it involves leaving a comment, but the whole ordeal takes less than a minute. So go for it!

    Update: John Lynch

    I was in person to witness John Lynch's debut as a New England Patriot tonight. The game was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New England Patriots, John Lynch was announced during the starting lineups as the starting free safety. Lynch's hometown crowd went crazy.

    John Lynch didn't start of course, he was on the field a handful of times and looked lost. Can't blame him, he's been incorporated into that defense all of what four days? However, were I Brian Griese or Luke McCown I would have targeted him.

    By the way, two minutes into the third quarter, the score was Tampa Bay 24, New England 3. Then I left...

    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    The Darkside of John Lynch's Decision

    Do you think that when John Lynch made the decision to leave the Denver Broncos last month that he thought for a second that the Denver Broncos had a chance at a Super Bowl? Of course not, he wouldn't have left, fear around these offices was that he would return home to San Diego... He did one better, he moved in with the New England Patriots. Yet, with the Patriots John Lynch will see even less time then he would have with Denver. How does that feel for a backhand Denver? Smarts a little bit and every little bit helps, because Denver plays New England mid-season and they don't really have anything to prove, just Lynch- who won't be on the field much. Denver, however, will be on the field the whole time.

    Quick question, with all of the discussion of legacy and athletes playing out their careers beyond their time. What if Denver were to go to the Super Bowl this season and not New England. Would John Lynch become this years Tiki Barber? There's a man who lost a lot of respect, I'm sure not just in New York. Tiki Barber's decision to retire couldn't have backfired worse, he's been the butt of a lot of jokes and probably will continue to be now that Michael Strahan has a job in broadcasting.

    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: Fourth Quarter

    Phelps won his 8th Gold Medal or 7th?

    It's good to finally hear Keary Colbert's name.

    Alright, Patrick Ramsey's a bum, leaving Glenn Martinez open like that. Hope that he's okay.

    Are we seeing elements of Bob Slowik's, "Bend but don't break," defense? It's possible, haven't really seen a blitz or even eight men in the box yet this game. So it's hard to tell, during the season, I expect to see much more blitzing, especially from the corners and safeties though.

    Please let Darrell Hackney come into the game with eight minutes left.

    I think I jinxed Clifford Russell, Glen Martinez made a smart play downing the botched kick off.

    No Darrell Hackney.

    Brett Kern just redefined, "Booming," a punt.

    Good to see Spencer Larsen having a presence this game on special teams.

    Forgot to say that I like Jordan Beck this game on defense too, injuries are getting him many more reps.

    Don't know what to think of Tyrone Poole in his first game back with Denver. Biggest hit I've seen him make came against Jarvis Moss so far.

    Spencer Larsen laced Richard Bartel, good hit.

    Jack Williams saved the game! Haha, should have been a pick six though.

    Oh sure, now Darrell Hackney comes in.

    Matt Prater goes 3 of 4 again this game.

    Denver wins! 23-13.

    Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: 3rd Quarter

    Hamza Abdullah was in on the first five tackles in the first drive. Think he wants a shot back at the first team?

    Rookie linebacker Wesley Woodyard's getting beat in coverage, but is still tackling well.

    Defensive tackle Nic Clemons is quick for a big dude.

    We could use someone like Nick Folk on our team.

    Did I mention Clifford Russell is my dark horse at wide out this year? I hope we get to see a lot of him this second half. Guy can block too.

    How many interceptions do you think Patrick Ramsey throws this game? I got $50 on two interceptions.

    Wow, speak of the devil, see who almost came up with the blocked pass? That was Clifford Russell.

    Did Brett Kern just become the number one punter or the number two?

    Patrick Ramsey just can't stop throwing interceptions can he!?! Pass interference or not, that was illegal contact before the pass was thrown. I guess when you're complaining about the backup... Things could be worse.

    They're running Oldman [Michael] Pittman way too much, Denver's going to be down to two running backs by the end of the game. Can Spencer Larsen play tailback?

    Clifford Russell with the first down! 19 yards.

    If Matt Prater misses this field goal, Mike Shanahan should just cut him here, during the game.

    He keeps his job for one more play.

    Jack Williams missed a pick six. Come on rookie.

    Denver Broncos second-team defensive line is creating major pressure on Dallas' second-team offense and third-string quarterback Richard Bartel.

    Keep it on refresh here folks.

    Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: Second Quarter

    Our defensive line is looking better this second series as well.

    Eddie Royal not impressive on his first punt return, chalk that one up to the blocks he didn't receive though.

    I was about to say that Selvin Young looks like a backup, but he's redeeming himself. Saw Andre Hall run over half the Dallas defense though. Including Zach Thomas, Roy Williams and Tank Johnson.

    That pressure on Brad Johnson is encouraging, nice to see Josh Mallard and Jarvis Moss making those pushes with Elvis Dumervil on the sack. Three team rush.

    Why is Domonique Foxworth not the number two corner back in Denver? We just saw why. He tackles well though, but the object is to stop your receiver from catching.

    Let's see the two minute offense...

    Okay, Matt Prater, time to make a move. There will be riots in the streets of Colorado and south Wyoming if Denver loses a game over a missed field goal.

    Keep it on refresh after every quarter or so....

    Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: First Quarter

    What's the purpose of such a wide sweep? Selvin Young and Andre Hall being set back so much the whole defense can get to the LOS before Denver...

    Eddie Royal, big catch! I love how much Denver's passing.

    I've been telling everyone about Andre Hall, what more can I say?

    One play in Niko Koutouvides looks a little like a former #53 in Denver.

    Later in the same drive, Terrell Owens beat both Niko Koutouvides and Dre Bly, but the pass was incomplete.

    Broncos run defense is atrocious as is the rush. Dodged a bullet coming away with a punt there...

    Andre Hall... Eddie Royal anyone? This is the preseason Super Bowl contender defense folks...

    keep it on refresh after every quarter or so....

    Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: Pregame thoughts

    I'm not going to be live blogging, but I will be jumping in with my thoughts tonight, so keep it on refresh after every quarter or so....

    - Is Denver's defensive line the real deal?
    - Can Denver's offensive line hold?
    - How good is Eddie Royal?/Can we see him return a punt this game please Cowboys?
    - Will Selvin Young outshine Andre Hall?
    - Can Darrell Hackney take the reigns?

    And Brandon said....

    You may be through with Brandon Marshall, but Brandon Marshall is not through with you Roger Goodell. Brandon Marshall appealed his three-game suspension on Thursday. Marshall's lawyer, Harvey Steinberg said that there would be an appeal, but that was around the time that Marshall was suspended.

    Don't expect much to come from this, it is unlikely that this appeal will have the upstart receiver suited against the Oakland Raiders or San Diego Chargers (at least not the first time Denver plays the two teams). However, Marshall will most likely be able to make it back by the game against the New Orleans Saints, but this appeal isn't going to make that decision any easier on the commissioner.

    Don't believe the hype...

    While there is little doubt that Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall is the real deal, don't take him embarrassing Dallas Cowboys Pacman Jones as the proof. Yes, Pacman is an up-and-coming corner back in the NFL, but he's still only a second-teamer. He will eventually challenge Anthony Henry, but if anyone's been watching Hard Knocks then they know, Pacman's not the prodigal son. What he is, is a great returner and a decent corner.

    When can Denver fans believe the hype? After the first quarter today (Saturday), fans are going to get an opportunity to see DeWayne Robertson as a Bronco for what coach Mike Shanahan says will be 10-12 plays. Fans will also get to see the Denver Broncos secondary minus their best player (Champ Bailey will likely be out the entire preseason, why risk it?) go up against a very strong wide receiver corps in Dallas, featuring Terrell Owens, Jason Whitten and Patrick Crayton. Denver's offensive line vs. Dallas' defensive line and vice versa, Denver's defensive line will be tested immediately by the Cowboys run game.

    The other thing to be on the watch for, rookie running back Anthony Aldridge will be out this game. If Andre Hall's going to make his point and push to be the starter, he has likely his only opportunity prior to the season to do it against Dallas. Denver only has three running backs suited for this game. If Andre Hall's going to make that push, the good news is that rookie fullback Peyton Hillis will be guiding him.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Shots Fired: Marcus Thomas vs. Flozell Adams

    I was a major proponent of the Denver Broncos bring in Flozell Adams this off-season, I guess we can all see now why we didn't. Him and Marcus Thomas wouldn't have gotten along at all (haha). Today a fight broke out in which Flozell Adams, apparently, ripped off Denver defensive tackle Marcus Thomas' helmet and swung it back towards his face.

    The HBO Hard Knocks crew should enjoy editing that one together and Denver fans can enjoy it next Wednesday night.

    I would make this a two part Shots Fired article, but Brandon Marshall is owning Pacman Jones... It's funny to see these two jawing at each other, with the NFL's attention weighing heavily on both.

    picture courtesy of AP via Dallas Morning News.

    Lynch signs with Patriots

    John Lynch has signed with the New England Patriots. The Patriots had been exploring a position similar to the one Lynch may be taking over, for Tank Williams. Williams is now on the injured reserve.

    The Patriots already have a safety, very similar to Lynch in Rodney Harrison, except Harrison is younger and most likely to see the base defense, as well as the nickel reps.

    Although according to Bill Belichick, John Lynch is not under contract.

    UPDATE: The source was correct, Lynch is officially a member of the New England Patriots. Hope he makes it to Tampa, so I can see him on Sunday.

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Denver Broncos Training Camp: Day 17, Dallas Cowboys

    Is there worry in Denver that Champ Bailey and Dre Bly could go down this season? Was the competition at the lower end of the corner back depth chart not stiff enough? Is Denver worried that their wide receivers aren't being covered well enough?

    Exit: Christian Morton and Lamont Reid. Enter: Wale Dada and Tyrone Poole.

    Tyrone Poole visited Denver very early in camp and I suggested that "[Mike] Shanahan likes to bring on older players in camp to guide younger players along. For example, Jerry Rice retired as a Bronco." So that's that.

    The Dallas Cowboys are in Dove Valley and so is HBO's Hard Knocks, so it should be exciting to get to see the clips next week on Wednesday, as Bronco fans are not allowed to attend these practices.

    This is the first opportunity that Dallas players have had to hit, former Denver Broncos coach Wade Phillips does not allow hitting in his training camp. That being said, out of practice today were: Tom Nalen, Boss Bailey, Champ Bailey, Louis Green and Ryan Torain.

    Here's some notes:

    Wesley Woodyard, taking advantage of injuries to linebackers and strong performance in Saturday's game in Houston, cracked into the second team defense. As did Jordan Beck for what it's worth.

    How was Denver's offensive line against Dallas' defensive line? Very good, Andre Hall performed exceptionally well. As Gray Caldwell on Denver's official site noted, "It seems every time he touched the ball, he would always get at least five or six yards before ever being touched." As far as I know, I'm the only Bronco fan willing to take Andre Hall seriously. I've been declaring him the starter for at least two months. Then again, I was wrong about Brandon Marshall's suspension. During eleven-on-elevens Dallas' 3-4 defense was only able to penetrate Denver's line on one play. They looked very impressive.

    Speaking of Brandon Marshall, he owned Pacman Jones. Jones later commented that Marshall was, "Nowhere near Terrell Owens."

    "That's fine, we go against Champ [Bailey] every day," Jay Cutler responded. Let's watch and see where the two former Tennessee boys take it (maybe even a Shots Fired: column).

    I may have called the fullback position battle a little too early yesterday, Peyton Hillis could win it. He looked good blocking and catching going up against Dallas' starters. It's good to have him healthy and participating in practice.

    Backup quarterback Patrick Ramsey also seems to have gotten himself together a little bit. He threw no interceptions this practice and connected with Keary Colbert and Clifford Russell on impressive passes.

    Defensively Denver looked good going against the Dallas offense, despite Denver not having their number one corner and strong side linebacker. Jamie Winborn filled in well and DeWayne Robertson was a juggernaut during one-on-ones, I'm not going to jinx anything by getting too excited about Robertson's play.

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Denver Broncos Training Camp Report: Day 16

    I've been all over the place since last Friday, so I apologize for the lack of updates. There's not a ton to report from Day 15 or Day 16 for the matter, but I will give tidbits on what should be noted.

    I may have jinxed Lamont Reid yesterday, as Denver waived the corner back last night. Reid was waived to make room for Wale Dada, that'll be a fun name to say if he can make an impact. Dada has yet to play a game in the NFL, but spent the second half of last season on the Seattle Seahawks practice squad.

    Out of pads today: Hamza Abdullah, Champ Bailey, Louis Green, Boss Bailey, Peyton Hillis, Tom Nalen, Erik Pears and Ryan Torain. It should be noted that while Hillis was listed as out, he did in fact participate in practice at fullback. Noticeably absent from the out of pads list is tight end Chad Mustard, who returned yesterday to practice.

    Here are my unsolicited best guesses for winners of position battles at this point:

    Fullback: Cecil Sapp will likely walk away with this one. Running back Michael Pittman could have been a dark horse candidate had rookie Ryan Torain not gotten hurt early in training camp. Peyton Hillis, who is the best receiving back Denver has, simply cannot get on the practice field. Without being able to practice, young Hillis will not be able to pass anyone on the depth chart.

    Second-string Quarterback: Patrick Ramsey will remain the second-string quarterback going into the season. However, if there ever were a need for a second-string quarterback in the regular season lasting longer than a game Darrell Hackney would get the start. Let us just hope with the open roster spot created with Jason Elam's exodus to mecca (Atlanta) and Matt Prater having the incredible ability as a kicker to both kick-off, attempt extra points and kick field goals, that the open roster spot created goes to a third quarterback.

    2nd Tight End: Fan favorite Tony Scheffler does not appear to have this position locked down by any means, the Broncos resigned ("Nasty") Nate Jackson which means that they're going to want a return on their investment. Both tight ends have injury issues, neither one has ever made it through an entire season. Scheffler is great once he gets the ball, Jackson is great at getting the ball. In training camp both tight ends have seen time split out, neither end is known for his abilitiy to block, at the same time neither of them have any problem with blocking. My best guess at this point is that Nate Jackson will see more time on the field, but Tony Scheffler will get the ball more often.

    Center: If Tom Nalen's healthy, there is no discussion, he will start. If there is any doubt in his head that he's not healthy I would think that he will retire. Leaving Denver with a very experienced Casey Wiegmann, who has not disappointed yet either in training camp or preseason play. In the very unfortunate event the Tom Nalen does retire, PJ Alexander, who can play any position on the offensive line would back up Wiegmann.

    Right Guard: It is not out of the ordinary for Chris Kuper to be listed as the number one right guard in preseason, he was last year as well. Last season Montrae Holland ended up beating him out for the start and started every game in 2007. I don't expect there to be any different this season. Chris Kuper will be a back up, the right tackle position will be discussed a paragraph down.

    Right Tackle: The message boards are full of chatter of Chris Kuper moving over from right guard, making room for Montrae Holland and starting in the right tackle position. If Chris Kuper were the number one option at right tackle, he would have been playing right tackle all along and someone would have been filling in at right guard. Mike Shanahan named Ryan Harris the starting left guard in Denver way back in January or February. When Denver drafted Ryan Clady at left tackle the obvious move was to put Ryan Harris at right tackle. Right tackle is in many informed and expert opinions the easiest position on the line, as it is generally the side that also features the blocking tight end. Meaning the right tackle and tight end double-team who ever happens to be the opposing left defensive end. When you read about Ryan Harris being "blown up," in camp, this was happening in the first couple of days of camp during one-on-ones. With last season's starting right tackle Erik Pears, out for a bit this week with a soar back and dedicated to second-team left tackle I don't see Pears passing Harris on the depth chart either.

    Running Back: Though I've felt that I've called this one ad nauseum, but Andre Hall will start, Selvin Young is the spell back. It's not going to happen just yet, it'll happen shortly after the Dallas game. However, clever Mike Shanahan may wait until just before the Oakland game to announce it. Leaving Oakland Raider coaches scrambling for film. We got a glimpse of Selvin Young early last season and he was exciting, but he sputtered out at the end of the season, why does no one remember that? He wasn't incredibly exciting going up against the number one defense last weekend in Houston either, he had one exciting run that pushed him into the positive yardage column though. The blueprint is being formed right now in Denver, running by committee is the future. Though we're not likely to see Bo Jackson/Marcus Allen production any time soon, but gone soon will be the days where one back carries thirty times per game. Rookie Anthony Aldridge will see carries here and there, as will Michael Pittman, when Ryan Torain is healthy again, expect him to get more than a few serious looks. I'm anti-rookie hype, especially when it comes to running backs, but Ryan Torain could be a huge threat, no team will have been able to scout him and he comes during a time when there are going to most likely be injuries to starters.

    Wide Receiver (Y spot/2nd Receiver): Rookie Eddie Royal is the talk of the town, as he will probably start alongside Brandon Marshall when Denver plays the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday. However, he's just keeping the chair warm. When the season begins, Darrell Jackson will be the number one receiver and Eddie Royal will remain at number two. Week three versus the New Orleans Saints, Brandon Marshall and Darrell Jackson will start with Brandon Stokley in the slot, Eddie Royal will still see plenty of time and opportunities, but Darrell Jackson is the Broncos man. Incredible depth at wide receiver for Denver, Keary Colbert will likely take the sixth spot on the depth chart. My dark horse candidate at wide receiver is Clifford Russell, did you see his tackle at Houston? Russell narrowly missed an over thrown Darrell Hackney pass that would have made Denver fans see what I've been talking about over the last two weeks. He can make the team based off of his special teams contributions and provides good depth at kick returner and punt returner.

    Defensive Line: I don't see anything changing here, Denver's first-team did decent, Jarvis Moss will not be an every down defensive end, at least to start the season off, John Engelberger is too much of a warrior. The Josh Mallard that I've crowned messiah did not do me any favors in Vegas last weekend, but you will see him a lot this season. Marcus Thomas is not disappointing and will do well, once DeWayne Robertson is taking on double teams next to him at defensive tackle. I want to see Tim Crowder do as well as he did at the beginning half of last season, but I want to see him do it the whole season. His spot on the depth chart is proof enough that Denver's not happy with what he's shown so far. The blitzing package that Denver occasionally sets up with in training camp is pretty fierce though: Jarvis Moss, Josh Mallard, Ebenezer Ekuban and Elvis Dumervil, that's overwhelming... If those men get organized, look out.

    Middle Linebacker: Niko Koutouvides will get the start against Dallas, if my assumptions are correct and fans will call for Nate Webster. Good depth and intense battle, but Denver just doesn't want to see the money spent on Koutouvides go to waste, they want him to be the number one. However, that number one will be Nate Webster. For one reason, where Koutouvides overshadows Webster the most is in coverage, but Denver's not a team that often has a middle linebacker in coverage. In the nickel package, Denver doesn't even have a middle linebacker on the field. Boss Bailey is incredible in pass coverage and DJ Williams isn't to shabby either. If those two are in coverage, you'll want Nate Webster manning the middle, not Niko Koutouvides. Koutouvides is a special teams ace though and coupled with Jordan Beck, if he can somehow manage a roster spot and the youngster Wesley Woodyard, Denver should improve drastically at kickoff coverage.

    Cornerback: Domonique Foxworth vs. Dre Bly, going with Dre Bly on this one. This could mean that Denver loses Domonique Foxworth next off-season. I, as many Denver fans, hope not, but I can't imagine him wanting to spend another season here next year as the nickel back. Foxworth believes that there are thirty-two teams that he's capable of starting for in this league and that is true, but he's not beating out Dre Bly, who is in the top five of current NFL corners for interceptions, this year.

    Free Safety: Hamza Abdullah is giving his all to returning to practice, but it might be too little too late. Marquand Manuel is looking good filling in for the injured Abdullah. Prior to being injured Hamza Abdullah could be seen ball hawking in Denver's secondary, but in Marquand Manuel, Denver has Dennis Smith hitting ability. I think that it may come down to what situation Denver's in defensively and we'll call this one a draw for now.

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Denver Turmoil - Gorillas in the Mist

    Pronunciation: \ˈtər-ˌmi(-ə)l\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: origin unknown
    Date: 1526
    : a state or condition of extreme confusion, agitation, or commotion
    Ever found yourself scratching at an itch? Minutes later you look down to see why that itch is burning to find a bug bit? When did it get there, why didn't you feel it, why is it throbbing so much and what are you going to do about all the swollen redness? That about sums up my 2007 Denver Broncos review.

    In late February the Denver Broncos began their quest to take care of a couple of those scratches, any and every one of the Broncos fans can tell you; Out are troublesome players and veterans on their last leg.

    A team that last year was one of the oldest, this year is one of the youngest, I don't agree with that transition year BS. In reality, there is no such thing as a transition year in the NFL, you're telling me that people's lives are on the line and a team's going to tell them that they're playing in a year that doesn't matter?

    So Denver's defensive leaders include a man you'll hardly ever get a quote from in DJ Williams and a man who has redefined the corner back position, Champ Bailey. Could be a whole lot worse off. On the offensive side of the ball, we have future Hall of Famer Tom Nalen and the prodigal son himself Jay Cutler. That's two guaranteed Hall of Fame players, last years second leading tackler in the NFL and a man who is primed to, "Beast," this season, as the kids would note.

    There are kinks and outside of Denver this is probably laughable, but inside of Denver fans know that whether Andre Hall, Michael Pittman, Anthony Aldridge or Selvin Young is carrying the rock- someone is averaging five yards plus a carry. Whether it is one player rushing for 150 yards per game or four players rushing for 150 yards per game it doesn't matter.

    Worried about the offensive line? Ryan Clady looked a little shaky against Mario Williams last week? Too bad, Mario Williams is the next Julius Peterson and Ryan Clady is the next Gary Zimmerman. They've got years to go up against each other. My profound thought of the moment is that despite all of the trouble Williams gave Clady, Jay Cutler was still able to run around Williams' side for 15 yards and dive for a touchdown.

    Are fans excited about names like: Wesley Woodyard, Christian Morton, LaMont Reid and Josh Barrett popping off over their 850 KOA's or the KCNC airwaves? Those are third and fourth stringers, a team is determined by their depth and if the upstarts want to shine, let them be bright.

    I'm loving it and I'm loving Denver's chances. The best gauge we can possibly get this season is going up against the NFC's best attempt at a Super Bowl contender, next week in the Dallas Cowboys. I have to admit, that I ignored it last season when Dallas handed Denver their asses on a silver platter. This year it won't be ignored, the Broncos will most likely be without DeWayne Robertson, Tom Nalen, Champ Bailey and Boss Bailey this weekend, but those are four of the best starters Denver has. There are no excuses for losing this time. Wade Phillips and the Dallas Cowboys showed no mercy last preseason and I don't expect the Broncos to do the Cowboys any favors this season.

    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Preseason Football: Denver @ Houston: Observations

    Please accept my sincerest apologies for being absent. Unless you'd like to field some questions on The Iliad, let's get to the first Bronco game of '08.


    Jay Cutler: 8-10-0, 60 yds, 1 att, 15 yds TD.
    Patrick Ramsey: 8-13-2, 49 yds.
    Darrell Hackney:5-8-0, 68 yds, 1 att, 16 yds.

    Had Jay Cutler played the whole game, Denver victory. What do you want in a backup? A game manager or a guy who can make plays? Darrell Hackney is making a case for the latter. In the event Patrick Ramsey disappears from the roster, he might be going on a secret mission for the CIA; into Iran to overthrow the Ayatollah (who is always wide open).

    Running Backs:

    Andre Hall: 8 att, 45 yds, 5.6 avg., 1 rec, 0 yds
    Anthony Alridge: 3 att, 20 yds, 6.7 avg, F (FR by Polumbus) 3 rec, 21 yds
    Micheal Pittman: 6 att, 18 yds, 3 avg, 1 rec, 5 yds
    Selvin Young: 4 att, 7 yds, 2 rec, 21 yds.

    This would appear to be the committee. Their success is symbiotic with the offensive line which is brand new. Selvin Young and Andre Hall both ran behind 1st team offensive although I didn't notice if Hall was up against Houston's first-team defense the whole time. Ian predicted the emergence of Andre Hall [editors note: fist pump]. Anthony Alridge is super fast and Michael Pittman is tough inside and a capable receiver. Peyton Hillis needs to get well soon. Selvin Young needs to step up.

    Wide Receivers & Tight Ends:

    Tony Scheffler: 4 rec, 61 yds
    Darrell Jackson: 3 rec, 18 yds
    Eddie Royal: 2 rec, 13 yds
    Nate Jackson: 1 rec, 11 yds
    Samie Parker: 1 rec, 10 yds
    Brandon Marshall: 2 rec, 8 yds
    Daniel Graham: 1 rec, 7 yds

    A wide receiver who didn't catch a pass, but made a big play was Cliff Russell who drew pass interference at the +3 giving the Broncos a scoring opportunity in the 4th quarter. He is still very fast as he was at Utah. Eddie Royal looked good. Tony Scheffler is a big part of the passing game as he has always proven to be. Darrell Jackson wasn't used effectively which is a coaching flaw, not his. Keary Colbert drew a pass interference penalty, too, but was otherwise ineffective. It's a good group of receivers who can give Jay Cutler a variety of players to whom to throw.

    Offensive Line:

    The starting line which played the first half has essentially two rookie tackles (i.e., the Ryans). Houston's upstart defensive lineman Mario Williams pushed Ryan Clady around which was a good experience for Clady. Ryan Harris drew four penalties only two of which he deserved. The illegal formation one could have as easily been given to the other Ryan or the guards. One holding call was a bogus flag thrown by a guy on the sideline who was seeing things. The false start and one holding were deserved. Not too bad; nothing that can't be fixed. In the event Montrae Holland returns and starts and Chris Kuper returns to right tackle, Ryan Harris is definitely the #6 offensive lineman. Casey Wiegmann did a good job as did Ben Hamilton. These guys need chemistry and that will only come with playing together. Stay tuned for what happens with Tom Nalen whose injuries are nagging him to the extent he is sidelined. Depth is good.

    Special Teams:

    Matt Prater was 3 of 4 on field goal attempts. His kickoffs mostly came down at the +5 to the goal line. Sam Paulescu's one punt was fielded 52 yards from the LOS and was returned. Brett Kern's one punt was fielded 42 yards from the line of scrimmage with more hang time and wasn't returned. Both held for extra points and field goal attempts. Eddie Royal had two kick off returns for 47 yds, Clifford Russell had one for 27, Anthony Aldridge one for 24 and Andre Hall one for 20. Glenn Martinez fielded one punt for two yards. The leading special teams tackler was Wesley Woodyard with three including the stop on Matt Turk who tried to advance a punt attempt for a first down and came up one yard short; ball over to Denver on downs-big play. Clifford Russell had two special teams tackles, and Michael Pittman forced a fumble which Cecil Sapp recovered.


    The only sack was shared by linebacker Jordan Beck and defensive tackle Steven Harris. There were no picks. Boss Bailey injured his bad ankle and his backup, Louis Green, injured his neck and suffered a concussion. The Broncos are extremely lucky to have Jamie Winborn who switched from DJ Williams backup to first team strong side linebacker and did a great job. That put Jordan Beck as DJ Williams backup where he played as weak side linebacker during the second half. Nate Webster had one tackle and two assists and a flying helmet. Niko Koutouvides and Spencer Larsen each had four assists. The most outstanding starter was Domonique Foxworth with three solo and two assists including a 5 yd tackle for loss. He is making his case. The defense was without DeWayne Robertson and Champ Bailey and very quickly lost Boss and Louis. The interior defensive line played well with Kenny Peterson logging two solos and Marcus Thomas had one. The defensive ends need to step up. I expect some shuffling/experimenting there. Ebenezer Ekuban had two solos and two assists and an offsides penalty.

    The second teamers in the second half produced the leading tacklers:
    Josh Barrett: 7 solo and 6 assists
    Jordan Beck: 5 solo, 3 assists, 1/2 sack
    Wesley Woodyard: 5 solo, 1 assist
    LaMont Reid and Christian Morton had 4 solos each with the latter including a 7 yd sack.

    Josh Barrett's detractors have described him as looking like Tarzan and playing like Jane. If so, Jane had a hearty meal of roast Texan Saturday night which was fresh-kill. He was in the box, often lining up over the TE in a 9 tech on the line of scrimmage. Having heard nothing about Wesley Woodyard from training camp reports, he suddenly exploded during the game making big plays on special teams and defense. On running plays these two totally attack the line of scrimmage. Josh Barrett came down the line of scrimmage several times and I didn't even notice him until he was the last guy to get up from the bottom of the pile. I had to pause the DVR and advance it one click at a time just to figure out where he came from. Wesley Woodyard and Josh Barrett also have great speed for guys their size. They seem to work well with Spencer Larsen and Jordan Beck. The linebacker depth and Jim Ryan's great coaching was very much in need and it all came through.

    I expect to see more from the Broncos in next week's game with the Dallas Cowboys besides the vanilla O & D which they showed ... except not during practice ... with Dallas, that is.

    CBS Channel 4 in Denver gets a C+/B- and an A for effort. The box guys need binoculars ... or bifocals. The director needs more monitors and helpers and to stop showing graphics instead of THE PLAY WE'RE MISSING. Also, how about more replays? But, hey, thanks for broadcasting the game. Do it again ... please?

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    New Bronco Blogger - Horvil Tiki goes live

    "Got to hone it guy!" Horvil Tiki goes live! I'm hoping that he doesn't mind me putting that up.

    He ignored my pleas to join the Broncos Denver Broncos blog, but it looks like Mr. Tiki has gotten himself his own blog.

    Words cannot express how much I love reading Horvil's posts, you can find him responding to The Denver Post and (I believe) The Rocky Mountain News Bronco articles. It's only a matter of time before Woody Paige has to mention him on ESPN.

    I admire whoever is using the pen name Horvil Tiki, let's just hope that he doesn't spawn any copycats. That could get annoying.

    Here's Horvil welcoming you to his blog:
    "Hey guy welcome I so happy to have site. Panff makey all this he say fill with content. I not know what the content is. He say just rite stuff guy. So here I is to makey all the post. I is happy to have hooge website. It like walk in Shanhan massive house and guy say here is key you can have shanhan house. I was is so happy guy if have shanhan house I go and try to call bronco cheerleader first thing. Say come for to look at my hooge house."
    He's not for everyone, but personally I can't wait to check his blog out every day. Between Horvil Tiki and Mr. Hercules Rockefellar (Orange Bucksnorts) I'm loving Bronco Blogs right now.

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    Saturday, August 9, 2008

    Madden 09: Broncos Roster Updates

    Not that this is official Denver Broncos news, but is exciting to many of your readers, I am sure, I've put the parts below that will directly affect your team in bold:

    EA Sports has released the breakdown of all the changes within the roster update for Madden 09 that will be out by (or on) release day. An update has already been done taking care of many of the changes that are detailed even as they continue to add to the upcoming one to make it the most accurate possible.

    Last year there was an average of just below two updates a month which would seem sufficient. The problem was a long painful stretch from mid-November to mid-January that lacked any. If they can keep the consistency up this year than everyone should be pleased with the post-release roster support.

    One thing that isn’t noted in this list is the fixing of player numbers. I immediately noticed that Julian Peterson had gone from the #59 of last year to the #98 of this year. Continue on to view the complete list of transactions, ratings adjustments, new contract lengths, and injured reserve placement.

    HB Cedric Benson – Released to Free Agents
    HB Kevin Jones – Signs with Bears
    CB Blue Adams – Released by Bengals (Removed)
    HB Kenny Irons – Released by Bengals
    HB DeDe Dorsey – Added to Bengals
    LT Demetrius Bell – Released to Free Agents
    LB Donnie Spragan – Signs with Bills
    HB Mike Bell – Released by Broncos DT Carlton Powell – Released to Free Agents (IR) DT Kenny Peterson – Added to Broncos FB Peyton Hillis – Added to Broncos FS John Lynch – Released by Broncos
    C LeCharles Bentley – Released by Browns
    QB Ken Dorsey – Released to Free Agents
    C Marvin Philip – Added to Browns
    WR Kevin Kasper – Added to Browns
    LB Ryan Nece – Added to Bucs
    TE Troy Bienemann – Released by Cardinals
    RT Kelly Butler – Signs with Cardinals
    LG Jasper Harvey – Added to Cardinals
    LG Scott Peters – Removed (IR)
    HB Marcel Shipp – Released by Cardinals
    WR Eric Parker – Released by Chargers
    K Billy Cundiff – Released by Chiefs
    FB Oliver Hoyte – Released to Free Agents
    FB Chris Manderino – Added to Chiefs
    K Nick Novak – Added to Chiefs
    LB Nate Harris – Released by Chiefs (Removed)
    FS Brandon Condren – Added to Colts
    WR Terry Glenn – Released by Cowboys
    RT Julius Wilson – Released by Dolphins
    RT Trey Darilek – Added to Dolphins
    DE Quentin Moses – Added to Dolphins
    DT Dan Klecko – Released to Free Agents
    DT LaJuan Ramsey – Released to Free Agents
    DT Kimo von Oelhoffen – Signs with Eagles
    FB Jason Davis – Added to Eagles
    FS Jimmy Williams – Released by Falcons
    CB Wilrey Fontenot – Added to Falcons
    DT Grady Jackson – Signs with Falcons
    LG Qasim Mitchell – Released to Free Agents
    RT Shane Olivea – Signs with Giants
    DE Renaldo Wynn – Signs with Giants
    TE Michael Matthews – Added to Giants
    RT Adam Koets – Released to Free Agents
    LT Barry Sims – Added to 49ers
    S Darnell Bing – Released by Jets (Removed)
    QB Chad Pennington – Released to Free Agents
    SS Cameron Worrell – Signs with Jets
    WR Devale Ellis – Added to Lions
    QB Brett Favre – Traded to Jets
    FB John Kuhn – Released to Free Agents
    HB Alex Haynes – Released by Panthers
    FB Kyle Eckel – Released to Free Agents
    LB Jon Alston – Released to Free Agents
    S Greg Wesley – Signs with Raiders
    WR Todd Watkins – Added to Raiders
    RT Seth Wand – Added to Raiders
    RT Mark Wilson – Released to Free Agents (IR)
    HB LaMont Jordan – Released by Raiders/Signs with Patriots
    LB Vince Hall – Released to Free Agents
    LB David Vobora – Added to Rams
    FS Eric Bassey – Added to Rams
    FS Stuart Schweigert – Released by Redskins
    DE Jason Taylor – Traded to Redskins
    TE Tyler Ecker – Released to Free Agents
    TE Jeremy Shockey – Traded to Saints
    SS Mike Green – Released by Seahawks
    SS Jamar Adams – Signs with Seahawks
    HB Najeh Davenport – Released by Steelers
    P Paul Ernster – Signs with Steelers
    LT Tony Hills – Released to Free Agents
    HB Gary Russell – Added to Steelers
    QB Quinn Gray – Released by Texans
    LT Jordan Black – Released by Texans
    WR Mike Williams – Released by Titans
    DE Sean Conover – Added to Titans
    HB Travis Henry – Suspended
    DT Claude Wroten – Suspended
    LB Ian Gold - Retires
    DE Michael Strahan – Retires
    G Gene Mruczkowski – Retires
    DT Quinn Pitcock – Retires
    S Artrell Hawkins - Retires

    Ratings Up
    RT Stacey Andrews – Bengals – 78 to 83 – Franchise tagged. A versatile lineman that can play 4 positions.
    LB Brandon Johnson – Bengals – 67 to 71 – Has impressed with 1st round pick Keith Rivers holding out.
    HB Chris Perry – Bengals – 80 to 82 – Early word is that he has recovered from injuries that cost him the better part of his first 4 seasons.
    LG Andrew Whitworth – Bengals – 82 to 86 – Mammoth body at LG for the Bengals. Just received a contract extension.
    HB Kenny Watson – Bengals – 82 to 83 – Underrated backup in Cincy behind Rudi Johnson.
    WR Steve Johnson – Bills – 71 to 75 – 4 year College player from Kentucky drafted in the 7th round has been good so far in camp. HB Ryan Torain – Broncos – 71 to 76 – An torn ligament to his elbow put this budding Denver backs campaign for the starting position on hold for now.
    WR Michael Clayton – Bucs – 78 to 79 – Gruden says he looks like the old Michael Clayton again and looks to be in the mix this season.
    LB Bertrand Berry – Cardinals – 82 to 84 – Injuries have cost Berry the past two seasons. He looks to regain his pass rushing form that netted him 26 sacks in 03’ and ’04.
    HB Tim Hightower – Cardinals – 71 to 74 – Marcel Shipp was cut to give this guy the backup tailback job to this rookie 5th rounder from Richmond.
    WR Marvin Harrison – Colts – 94 to 96 – Early word is his knee is fine and the old Marvin is back.
    LB Clint Session – Colts – 70 to 75 – In a battle for a starting linebacker spot with the injured Tyjuan Hagler.
    WR Isaiah Stanback – Cowboys – 66 to 68 – The Cowboys have continued to speak highly about this former college QB’s transition to WR. This is his second season at WR.
    HB Ricky Williams – Dolphins – 83 to 85 – Ricky looks like “a beast” and is running very hard and should get plenty of carries this year in Miami.
    WR Derek Hagan – Dolphins – 72 to 76 – Has jumped Ernest Wilford on the depth chart. Not likely to stick but he has drawn praise on his growth from last season.
    DE Victor Abiamiri – Eagles – 75 to 79 – In a position battle with Juqua Parker to start opposite Trent Cole in Philly.
    DT Mike Patterson – Eagles – 84 to 87 – Averaging over 50 tackles and 3 sacks a season his first three years in the NFL out of USC.
    HB Lorenzo Booker – Eagles – 77 to 79 – Looks to be in the mix for touches in Philly this year and has passed Tony Hunt on the depth chart after being acquired from the Dolphins for a 4th round pick in the offseason.
    LB Akeem Jordan – Eagles – 64 to 69 – Is the Eagles 4th LB this year and should be more involved.
    CB Brent Grimes – Falcons – 68 to 72 – His role just got bigger as the Falcons lost free agent CB Von Hutchins for the year.
    RG Max Jean-Gilles – Eagles – 80 to 82 – Keeps drawing praise for his play while Shawn Andrews was out after a strong finish to last season.
    HB Michael Robinson – 49ers – 77 to 79 – Fighting off free agent pickup DeShaun Foster for backup touches in San Francisco.
    TE Delanie Walker – 49ers – 73 to 77 – “Freakishly athletic” TE for the Niners. Looks to be in line for some playing time as Martz loves him so far.
    WR Mike Walker – Jaguars – 71 to 75 – Looks to have recovered from a knee injury last year and has looked good early.
    CB Leigh Bodden – Lions – 90 to 91 – Acquired from Cleveland for Shaun Rogers in the offseason. Is one of the leagues underrated corners now playing in the Tampa 2.
    DE Cliff Avril – Lions – 76 to 79 – This guy is gonna be a problem for tackles for a while. Looks to be a real threat coming off the edge in his rookie year.
    CB Tramon Williams – Packers – 75 to 78 – Fighting off rookie Pat Lee for the nickel job in Green Bay. Also is an explosive returner in the return game.
    LB Desmond Bishop – Packers – 73 to 75 – Has past Abdul Hodge for the backup MLB job behind Nick Barnett.
    HB Brandon Jackson – Packers – 81 to 83 – Did his play in camp get Ryan Grant to rush back? Looks to be improved from his rookie season.
    WR Sam Aiken – Patriots – 68 to 73 – Has risen up the Patriots WR depth chart after being signed from Buffalo in the offseason.
    LB Ricky Brown – Raiders – 62 to 71 – Currently penciled in as the Raiders starting strong side linebacker.
    QB Andrew Walter – Raiders – 76 to 78 – If given time offers a more than serviceable backup in Oakland.
    DT Cliff Ryan – Rams – 74 to 77 – Had 30 tackles and 2 sacks his rookie year. His role just got bigger with the loss of DT Claude Wroten to a yearlong suspension.
    QB Troy Smith – Ravens – 73 to 76 – In the fold to start at quarterback for the Ravens. Consistently struggles with accuracy but might be a good manager for a team that might make one more run before surefire rebuilding begins.
    WR Derrick Mason – Ravens – 87 to 89 – Has had 1,000 yards 6 out of the past 7 season, and 2 out of 3 in Baltimore. Had one of his best season last year.
    FS Haruki Nakamura – Ravens – 72 to 77 – Has been a true “ball hawk” in camp and will be in the field this year it looks like.
    HB Willis McGahee – Ravens – 91 to 92 – Rushed for 1,200+ yards with 7 TD’s and 40+ catches on a team with a limited passing game. Knee injuries have been bothering him this far in camp.
    QB Colt Brennan – Redskins – 73 to 74 – Looks like everyone was hard on him for getting met in the backfield by two SEC ends on every play in the bowl game. Looked sharp in his preseason debut.
    WR Adrian Arrington – Saints – 68 to 71 – Doesn’t have a great shot at making the team but is guaranteed to be on the practice squad if he doesn’t make the team over any of Devery Henderson/Lance Moore/Terrance Copper.
    DT Red Bryant – Seahawks – 74 to 78 – An injury derailed his strong start to camp.
    DT Brandon Mebane – Seahawks – 80 to 82 – Very strong DT who bull rushed his way to 29 tackles and 2 sacks his rookie season.
    LB Lawrence Timmons – Steelers – 75 to 78 – Has drawn a lot of praise so far as he transitions to MLB for the Steelers after an ineffective rookie year.
    WR Santonio Holmes – Steelers – 85 to 86 – Looks to take another step in becoming an elite WR.
    CB Fred Bennett – Texans – 82 to 84 – K.C. Joyner voted him the best cornerback last year, and he was a rookie.
    HB Steve Slaton – Texans – 72 to 75 – As long as he can hold onto the ball he should get touches in a crowded Texan backfield.
    LB Stephen Tulloch – Titans – 79 to 80 – Has delivered bone crushing hits in camp and is still penciled in as the backup behind Ryan Fowler.
    WR Brandon Jones – Titans – 80 to 81 – Looks to be the most talented Titan receiver on a cast of thousands.
    DT Fred Evans – Vikings – 68 to 71 – Should get more playing time with the departure of free agent DT Spencer Johnson.

    Ratings Down
    WR Mark Bradley – Bears – 77 to 75 – Has never cracked it in the NFL. Can’t move up a bad Bears wide receiver core.
    FB Jeremi Johnson – Bengals – 87 to 86 – Has continued to unimpress in Cincy.
    WR Jerome Simpson – Bengals – 76 to 71 – Looks like at least this year will be a learning season in the NFL, feedback has not been good so far.
    RT Willie Anderson – Bengals – 92 to 89 – Tries to hold off Stacey Andrews and looks to be near the end of his fine career.
    DE Igor Olshansky – Chargers – 86 to 83 – Chargers appear content to let him walk after this year after resigning Luis Castillo.
    RG Mike Goff – Chargers – 88 to 86 – The tandem of Goff and RT Clary are not nearly as effective as the Pro Bowl left side of the Charger line.
    LB Napoleon Harris – Chiefs – 84 to 80 – Whether its camp head games or not has dropped to 2nd at MLB behind a guy 99.5% of people have never heard of (Pat Thomas).
    LB Bobby Carpenter – Cowboys – 80 to 78 – Doesn’t appear to be an ideal fit for a 3-4 defense and they appeared to be unsuccessful in trading him this offseason.
    FB Reagan Mauia – Dolphins – 89 to 88 – Has drawn heavy criticism for the bricks where his hands are supposed to be.
    WR Ernest Wilford – Dolphins – 84 to 83 – Cannot get open in practice and has been passed on the depth chart by consistently disappointed Derek Hagan.
    QB John Beck – Dolphins – 78 to 77 – His nickname is “Checkdown” by a local Miami writer. Guess that is what happens when you are accustomed to having 0.6 seconds to throw.
    WR Mario Manningham – Giants – 78 to 76 – Has looked slow and can’t get open in New York so far.
    DT Justin Harrell – Packers – 77 to 74 – This guy has bust written across his forehead.
    DE Cullen Jenkins – Packers – 92 to 90 – A talented and versatile defensive lineman, but not 92 OVR talented.
    DT Terdell Sands – Raiders – 83 to 79 – Can’t start over big money Gerard Warren. He seems to be unmotivated.
    RG Fred Weary – Texans – 77 to 74 – Currently a backup behind undrafted Mike Brisiel in Houston. Could be cut.

    DT Tommie Harris – Bears – 5 years total
    LB Brian Urlacher – Bears – 5 years total
    WR Devin Hester – Bears – 6 years total
    LG Andrew Whitworth – Bengals – 6 years total
    DT Kyle Williams – Bills – 5 years total
    HB Earnest Graham – Bucs – 4 years total
    RG Brad Butler – Bills – 5 years total
    HB Earnest Graham – Bucs – 4 years total
    FS Ken Hamlin – Cowboys – 6 years total
    TE Delanie Walker – 49ers – 5 years total
    RG Chris Snee – Giants – 6 years total
    DE Paul Spicer – Jaguars – 3 years total
    CB Leigh Bodden – Lions – 6 years total
    LB Brady Poppinga – Packers – 5 years total
    HB Ryan Grant – Packers – 4 years total
    DE Will Smith – Saints – 7 years total
    WR Marques Colston – Saints – 4 years total
    RT David Stewart – Titans – 6 years total

    Injuries - IR
    LB Alvin Bowen – Bills - Knee
    CB Von Hutchins – Falcons - Foot
    DE Phillip Daniels – Redskins – Knee
    DT DeMario Pressley – Saints – Foot
    P Daniel Sepulveda – Steelers - Knee

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