Friday, May 30, 2008

Broncos Continue to Baffle Fantasy Experts

If you were like me last year, you were sitting pretty nice through week 4 of your Fantasy Football league with Travis Henry leading the league in rushing yards. Then you picked up Selvin Young off of waivers, keeping Henry, then you got nervous... And picked up Andre Hall, then you got lucky. Then you started Henry (whoops) coming back from his injury and sat Young and Hall. Now you had three Denver running backs and you were glued to ESPN on Sunday mornings begging for some lead on who you should start.

Anyway, draft any of Denver's backfield this year and you might be in for more of the same again, according to ESPN's Scott Engel.
"So how should you approach the Denver running backs on draft day? Avoid Henry until you have at least three other running backs on your roster, because the best you can hope for is that he stays healthy and scores a decent amount of touchdowns. Young is a good pick late in the fourth round, as he is very likely to emerge as the starter and one certainly cannot count on Henry to avoid injuries and off-field issues. Pittman should be strictly drafted as a late-round backup, because it would be difficult to envision him becoming a featured back, even in an emergency role. Grab Torain in the final rounds and stash him away, because as we have seen many times before, any Denver running back can get an opportunity for quality playing time at any time."
Inevitably some dumbass in your league will take Henry before you get a chance, in barring some further injury that prevents him to get time in preseason. So if you want Henry you're more than likely going to have to take him in the fourth at the latest. Young is pointing at Centerfield and calling his shot right now. Stating his goal for 2008 is 2000 yards.
"I'd like for him to prove that to me," Shanahan told the Denver Post. "And he could very well do it. There's a big difference from your first year to your second year."
Young did have more yards on less carries than Henry last season, I was most impressed with Hall though. Teams weren't able to game plan for him, which if he sits at third on the depth chart again this season would be the same case. He's got a lot of competition for number three though, we're thick at a position that we usually don't even have to worry about with Michael Pittman, Ryan Torain and Anthony Aldridge. As well as the possibility that Mike Bell may emerge from the shadow of Shanahan's dog house.

I've predicted the depth chart before, P.P. (pre-Pittman), stating that Aldridge will sit on the practice squad. Henry will start until he's hurt, Young will play until he's hurt, Hall and Pittman will split time. Henry and Young will return and somewhere in there we will see Torain break through and have a hundred yard game or two. Should we make the post season who are our running backs? Young and Torain, though I highly doubt that Torain will have an opportunity to win an Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. We do seem to be sitting nicely for years to come.

That's Anthony Aldrige (left) by the way, wearing the retired #18 of Frank Tri- pucka, during the season he will wear #38.

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