Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Look at the New Broncos

It's day three of Denver's Quarterback Camp and we've got pictures from the last two days courtesy of The Denver Post and Yahoo Sports. Along with a couple quotes, let's start off with big Dewayne Robertson, our new Defensive Tackle. If he can stay healthy, he may be the best Defensive Tackle we've had in some time.

(Robertson) On ending up in Denver:

My mind was already made up," he said. "I wanted Denver. It was because of the scheme and the things they do defensively, I'll fit right in. It wouldn't be a big learning curve. The things they're teaching now are things I've already been taught."

Robertson could have demanded a trade to any of the teams that were interested in him, but he chose Denver. Robertson's favorite color happens to be orange, no word on whether that had anything to do with his final decision.

For the Super Fans:
here's a link to Dewayne Robertson appearing on a "Pimp My Ride," type of show in New York.

And a very encouraging piece done while he still played for the Jets. (both clips courtesy of Youtube).

Boss Bailey Confuses Himself for an Offensive Left Tackle (just kidding, sort of):

"It's crazy because it can be one of the toughest, but one of the most under appreciated positions," Boss said. "I think it's on me to turn that around and get some people to really value the Sam linebacker."

Champ Bailey stated that the 'overhaul' at Linebacker (adding Boss and Niko Koutouvides) made the Broncos Defense better.

"It’s funny because I’m asking Champ who certain people are, and he says, 'I don’t know.'," Boss Bailey said. "Everybody is learning everybody. There are a lot of new faces around here, so I blend in pretty good."

Keary Colbert Competing for a Starting Position:
(Happy Birthday Keary, btw)

"Coming out and competing every day and just making plays," Colbert said. "That doesn't change whether you are a top guy, a rookie or a free agent. Everybody wants to come out and make plays, compete and earn a job. Nothing is going to be given to anybody here."
And on his #13:
(13) isn't the luckiest number in the world, but it has my '3' in it," Colbert said. "Maybe it can be bad luck for some DBs. I wanted 83 but I couldn't swing it off Mike Leach"
Sammie Parker (#12) on being one of 12 Receivers on the Depth Chart:
"I’m just glad to be here; to start over from scratch," Parker said. "We have a new receiver coach (Jedd Fisch). Things are looking good right now."

"It's a good experience we can all push each other and make each other better. We can show the coaches and the quarterbacks we are able to come out here and make plays."
Some More Pictures of New Denver Wideouts:

Rookie Eddie Royal (#3), who looks to start at Kick Returner and Punt Returner right away and eventually take over for standout veteran slot Receiver Brandon Stokley.

A breath of fresh air, though we won't know whether Denver made the right or wrong decision drafting Royal when college standout DeSean Jackson (now with the Philadelphia Eagles) still on the board, for awhile.

In my opinion Broncos went with Royal, because he can both return kicks and punts and as Shanahan possibly hinted, Royal had less character issues.

Darrell Jackson (one of about seven D-Jack's in the league) looks to be the early front runner to be a starter at the beginning of the season.

Obviously, one of the things the Broncos don't lack this season is veteran depth at Wide Receiver. Which was most definitely felt last season when Javon Walker and Brandon Stokley both went down with injuries at points in the season. Leaving Denver with very few options (and none with previous starting experience).

side note: Darrell Jackson is the reason my fantasy team won in my league two seasons ago. I couldn't be happier to have him on the Broncos.

Quotes in this article, can be found in The Denver Post and

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