Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pittman says that he's, "Ready to start."

The Broncos signed Michael Pittman and the fans collectively went, "Huh?" While debate was starting to slow over whether the Broncos should make a run for Shaun Alexander or Kevin Jones, the front office surprised everyone and picked up Michael Pittman.

Pittman's been called a career backup, while that's not entirely fair to say. Career backups hardly ever make it ten seasons in the NFL, then again that could be the exact reason that he has made it so long in the "Not For Long," league. posted an article yesterday (28th), interviewing Pittman after his first practice with the Broncos. Overall he seems excited for the opportunity to play in Denver. The Broncos have a similar system to Tampa (where Pittman spent the last six seasons). This may or may not have been what led to Pittman's fumble, which came on his first touch in a Denver Bronco uniform.
"I came out here and I'm trying to impress the coaches. On my first carry, I dropped the ball. It was a fumble because our zone play at Tampa was a little wider than Denver's zone play. It is an adjustment for me. I will adjust and I won't put the ball on the ground again," Pittman promised.
On where he's willing to play:
"I will do whatever I am asked to do. I'll play receiver, I'll play running back, I'll play fullback. I did all that at Tampa," he said. "It's all about helping the team win. If the coach wants me to return punts, I'll return punts. If he wants me to be a receiver or a fullback or whatever. I'm here to make plays."
As a bonus, head on over to Michael Pittman's Official Website. Where I jacked this image of his wife (Michelle Pittman 2007 Winner of Tampa Bay's Fittest Female Pageant).

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