Friday, May 30, 2008

Rod Smith will be around next season (one way or the other)

Former Denver Poster turned ESPNer Bill Williamson reported yesterday afternoon that Rod Smith would be around this year. If you remember in February Rod Smith turned down the Broncos offer to be the team's receivers coach. He is expected to stick around as a "consultant", do consultants make more money than coaches?

Another thing that you may recall is that there were reports last season that Smith would return prior to the game against Green Bay. Though unfortunately the (now) 38 year-old receiver will most likely never return, as a player, his good standing with Shanahan will most likely never diminish.

Smith's tutelage, I believe is the main reason we saw such a spike in Brandon Marshall's stats last season. Though I don't have any proof other than the fact that he was nearly voted to the Pro Bowl. After a rookie season in which he gave no indication that he would be a Pro Bowl receiver the next season.

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