Friday, August 1, 2008

What If?

I'm not particularly worried about John Lynch going to San Diego to play football. Some fans seem to be livid over the idea, if Lynch were to return to his hometown and play for the Chargers this season... What would that really be saying about former Charger safety (and current Bronco) Marlon McCree? San Diego let him walk, to apparently, "get younger," at safety.

Marlon McCree is in fact the main reason that Lynch was cut from the Broncos. McCree replaced Lynch in the nickel and dime formations, he will also most likely replace Lynch in the base 4-3 formation as well. San Diego let McCree go, McCree comes to Denver, knocks Lynch off of his depth chart spot and then Lynch goes to San Diego to play?

Come on... I don't see how San Diego fans can justify that one. Seriously, it will be a laughable point to make in any conversation between a Bronco and Charger fan for years to come.

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