Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shots Fired: Steinberg vs. NFL

It's been awhile since we've had a Shots Fired column, well the dry spell has ended:
"It just shows you what a class organization that we're dealing with that Mr. Marshall and his attorney find out about this as the result of a press release,"Brandon Marshall's attorney Harvey Steinberg said. "They didn't even have the courtesy to contact Mr. Marshall directly or his lawyer. The league appears to be more concerned about its image than treating its players with dignity and respect. The best part of this is we get to appeal this suspension to the very commissioner who chose to suspend him in this fashion."
Steinberg later commented on the, "Conditions," that the league insisted Marshall would need to follow in order to be considered for a possible lightening of a sentence.

"I hope they will send me a letter detailing exactly what they mean," Steinberg said.

Mr. Harvey Steinberg does make a very good point, let's see how the NFL responds.

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