Saturday, August 16, 2008

Don't believe the hype...

While there is little doubt that Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall is the real deal, don't take him embarrassing Dallas Cowboys Pacman Jones as the proof. Yes, Pacman is an up-and-coming corner back in the NFL, but he's still only a second-teamer. He will eventually challenge Anthony Henry, but if anyone's been watching Hard Knocks then they know, Pacman's not the prodigal son. What he is, is a great returner and a decent corner.

When can Denver fans believe the hype? After the first quarter today (Saturday), fans are going to get an opportunity to see DeWayne Robertson as a Bronco for what coach Mike Shanahan says will be 10-12 plays. Fans will also get to see the Denver Broncos secondary minus their best player (Champ Bailey will likely be out the entire preseason, why risk it?) go up against a very strong wide receiver corps in Dallas, featuring Terrell Owens, Jason Whitten and Patrick Crayton. Denver's offensive line vs. Dallas' defensive line and vice versa, Denver's defensive line will be tested immediately by the Cowboys run game.

The other thing to be on the watch for, rookie running back Anthony Aldridge will be out this game. If Andre Hall's going to make his point and push to be the starter, he has likely his only opportunity prior to the season to do it against Dallas. Denver only has three running backs suited for this game. If Andre Hall's going to make that push, the good news is that rookie fullback Peyton Hillis will be guiding him.


Garrett Barnes said...

Very good points, I think that it cleared a lot of peoples minds about this.

Ian said...

Thanks Garrett! I was hopeful that people had already realized it, then I got to the message boards... I don't think anyone would be crowning Brandon the new Heavy Weight Champion for making Karl Paymah or Jack Williams look bad in practice.