Monday, August 18, 2008

Trouble in Oakland

While it is absolutely no secret that there is a cold war between Oakland Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin and owner Al Davis, Kiffin's making it even less of a secret how miserable the situation is getting.

In two articles from the Contra Costa Times entitled, "Coach Kiffin has no power to upgrade Raiders roster," and, "Does Raiders coach Kiffin want confrontation with Al Davis?" The paper highlights several quotes from Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin, including, but not limited to the following:

"I'm trying to win," Kiffin responded Sunday.

To which the paper asks:

Win what, exactly? Games, or his own freedom?

In the confrontation article, the paper bring up the following Kiffin quotes:

  • Day 1 of training camp: "When you take this job you realize who the owner is and you realize most guys don't last really long, so that is what it is." (He added that he and Davis have a "working relationship" and a shared desire to win.)

  • Day 3 of camp: After praising defensive lineman Tommy Kelly's potential, Kiffin noted: "He's got a lot to prove now with that contract."

  • Last Monday, Aug. 11: Disappointed by the team's depth, Kiffin said: "It's been a situation that, unfortunately, we haven't brought guys in. I control what I can control. We come out every day and get our guys as good as we can. I'm pleased with the top of our roster, but we need to add to the bottom of our roster. We need more competition."

  • Friday night, after losing at Tennessee: In terms of who might supplant punt returner Johnnie Lee Higgins, Kiffin said: "I really don't have anybody to look at, that's the problem. There isn't anybody there that's very dynamic with the ball."

  • Saturday media conference call: Rightfully irked by wide receiver Javon Walker missing two catch-able passes Friday, Kiffin said: "... That's discouraging because he was paid an awful lot of money, paid like one of the top five receivers in the NFL. We need him to make those plays.
  • What does this mean for the Denver Broncos? Well, it certainly can't hurt our week one odds of emerging undefeated and welcoming the San Diego Chargers into Mile High. I truly do feel for Lane Kiffin, well as much as I possibly could for a Raiders coach, remember Mike Shanahan was a coach under Al Davis for a short time. I know not everyone has worked for a geriatric boss who takes every opportunity to illustrate his power, but I have and Kiffin going public at 33 years-old, is probably the smartest thing that he can do.

    He's showing the potential employers out there that this situation isn't his fault. Of course he'll have no problem taking complete credit if they win either.

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