Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos: 4th Quarter

4th and goal from tehe 1. Patrick Ramsey rolls, diving attempt by Clifford Russell is incomplete.

Packers get it from their own one yard line, rush out to their one five-yard line.

Would love to see a pass-rush here, fat chance, but the Broncos and Roderick Rogers stop Green Bay on the next run, next play Brohm's pass is incomplete as he goes 0-4. Packers punt from deep in their own end-zone.

Glenn Martinez drops the punt, but makes it to the Packers 45.

Here we go, would love to see Darrell Hackney in here, but apparently only the Denver Broncos fans can see that he is clearly the number two quarterback in Denver. So Ramsey marches back out.

Ramsey hits Keary Colbert on a deep pass, but Colbert drops it as the Packers safety knocks it loose. Ow well, guys that make the team would have caught that.

Ramsey dumps it off to his old faithful Michael Pittman for about six, follows it up with a nice pass for a Broncos first down. Ramsey is 8-12

Ramsey pitches it out to Michael Pittman for about 6. Pittman's feeling Anthony Aldridge on his heels, so he's running like there is no tomorrow, but barely misses the next down.

Peyton Hillis gets the hand-off, and he gets the first down.

Andre Hall comes in and runs for five yards. Hall on the next play fights through three tacklers for two more yards, to the 19. 3rd and five.

Ramsey to Clifford Russell for nine yards, first down Denver!

Ramsey reads his progressions, dumps it off to Michael Pittman for a touchdown pass. 8:27 left to go 24-20 Broncos.

Domonique Foxworth stays high to stop the first Packers pass for three.

Broncos show blitz and stop the run for two, Packers try to quick pass- Foxworth is not having that. Packers will punt. Packers punt 75 yards out to the one... Wow, John Ryan, of the Packers with an official 72 yard kick.

Ramsey's back out lob to Clifford Russell who catches, then doesn't catch the ball.

Pittman on 2nd down runs for about two.

Ramsey is hit as he throws and bobbles an INTERCEPTION to Jason Humphrey on his own 10 yard line. Mile High Salute Patrick Ramsey! Here's to one more before the end of the game, Jack Williams can't save your ass this time. Well, maybe he can, he is Jack "M****F***in'" Williams. Oh good he's hurt, maybe the Broncos will be forced to cut him.

2nd and goal, Jarvis Moss in on the tackle. Green Bay in the I formation. Hand off fumbles on the one and the refs call Lumpkin down at the one. Niko Koutouvides makes the tackle to savee the touchdown.

3rd and one, the Broncos stop the diving touchdown. Creating 4th and one.

The Bronco crowd is so loud, that I can't hear Lumpkin get the touchdown for the lead. Packers lead 27-24.

Hopefully Darrell Hackney can save our soul now. And he will, time to show and prove my man, you can drunk drive, but can you drive sober. Let's get it! 3:15 left in the game.

Glenn Martinez gets it to the kick-off to the 35, Larry Birdine is now hurt.

Patrick Ramsey's arm is wrapped, 3:08 to go.

Hackney to Michael Pittman passes for negative four.

Hackney to Glenn Martinez and it's 3rd and five.

Slot left, Martinez in motion over the middle, first down to Martinez for 18 yards! Flag down, illegal motion on Denver five yard penalty 3rd down.

Hackney, 3rd and 10. Don't make me look like an asshole, passes deep down field to Keary Colbert at the 20. Hits his hands, Colbert drops is (of course) and the Broncos will punt. No, they're going for it 4th and 10.

Good to see Keary Colbert in on the third-team though, hopefully he'll be cut. Hackney literally has a Packers linebacker hanging on him, he's still up looking for an open receiver, as another Packer's linebacker levels him and he still gets the ball out of bounds.

Patrick Ramsey, notice how he didn't throw an interception.

Packers take over on downs, not on an interception.

First and ten Green Bay, Denver has two time outs and a Green Bay 2nd down with less than 1:45 left in the game.

Clock rolling, Shanahan doesn't care about winning this game as the Packers take a knee.

Truth is, Broncos first-team is better than the Packers' first-team.

Doom's not hurt, Marquand Manuel's not hurt and that's all I really need to know.

UPDATE: Shanahan says Manuel's thumb may have been broken.

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