Saturday, August 16, 2008

Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: Second Quarter

Our defensive line is looking better this second series as well.

Eddie Royal not impressive on his first punt return, chalk that one up to the blocks he didn't receive though.

I was about to say that Selvin Young looks like a backup, but he's redeeming himself. Saw Andre Hall run over half the Dallas defense though. Including Zach Thomas, Roy Williams and Tank Johnson.

That pressure on Brad Johnson is encouraging, nice to see Josh Mallard and Jarvis Moss making those pushes with Elvis Dumervil on the sack. Three team rush.

Why is Domonique Foxworth not the number two corner back in Denver? We just saw why. He tackles well though, but the object is to stop your receiver from catching.

Let's see the two minute offense...

Okay, Matt Prater, time to make a move. There will be riots in the streets of Colorado and south Wyoming if Denver loses a game over a missed field goal.

Keep it on refresh after every quarter or so....

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