Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lynch signs with Patriots

John Lynch has signed with the New England Patriots. The Patriots had been exploring a position similar to the one Lynch may be taking over, for Tank Williams. Williams is now on the injured reserve.

The Patriots already have a safety, very similar to Lynch in Rodney Harrison, except Harrison is younger and most likely to see the base defense, as well as the nickel reps.

Although according to Bill Belichick, John Lynch is not under contract.

UPDATE: The source was correct, Lynch is officially a member of the New England Patriots. Hope he makes it to Tampa, so I can see him on Sunday.


Commish CH said...

Im not sure what to think. They have worked with other aging (Seau) but Im thinking Lynch might be a step behind.

Ian said...

Yeah, I mean, if I'm in Lynch's position, I'd probably want to go to New England too. Ride that last year out for a Super Bowl.

And you're right about Seau, he's still wanting to come back to New England and would only come back for New England.