Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Bronco Blogger - Horvil Tiki goes live

"Got to hone it guy!" Horvil Tiki goes live! I'm hoping that he doesn't mind me putting that up.

He ignored my pleas to join the Broncos Denver Broncos blog, but it looks like Mr. Tiki has gotten himself his own blog.

Words cannot express how much I love reading Horvil's posts, you can find him responding to The Denver Post and (I believe) The Rocky Mountain News Bronco articles. It's only a matter of time before Woody Paige has to mention him on ESPN.

I admire whoever is using the pen name Horvil Tiki, let's just hope that he doesn't spawn any copycats. That could get annoying.

Here's Horvil welcoming you to his blog:
"Hey guy welcome I so happy to have site. Panff makey all this he say fill with content. I not know what the content is. He say just rite stuff guy. So here I is to makey all the post. I is happy to have hooge website. It like walk in Shanhan massive house and guy say here is key you can have shanhan house. I was is so happy guy if have shanhan house I go and try to call bronco cheerleader first thing. Say come for to look at my hooge house."
He's not for everyone, but personally I can't wait to check his blog out every day. Between Horvil Tiki and Mr. Hercules Rockefellar (Orange Bucksnorts) I'm loving Bronco Blogs right now.

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Horvil Tiki said...

Thanks guy. Where for did leave ask to be on site? I have own site now I put yous link on it. I makey some litle general tso chicken guy, on honor of shanhan. I want post recip.

Ian said...

On the Denver Post e-mail! You never checked, matter of fact, check the e-mail at your site. I sent you one today.