Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos: Third Quarter

Opening kickoff and Marquand Manuel is helped off the field, he is the starting free safety for Denver.

Patrick Ramsey comes in and Michael Pittman is handling handoffs.

Dibs on Ramsey's interceptions this half? I'd say two, I've got two...

Green Bay still has their first team defense on the field.

Ramsey has his pass knocked down as the Packers appeared to rush no one then, rushed nine at the last moment.

Brett Kern's punt is impressive, but is negated by the piss poor second-team punt defense and the Packers make the Broncos look like, well... The Broncos.

Green Bay Packers keep their first-team offense and the Broncos get their fifteen yards on the first play.

Wesley Woodyard stops the next play for no gain what-so-ever. 2nd and 13.

Karl Paymah's coverage on Greg Jones could have been pass interference, but Aaron Rodgers pass to Jones is out of bounds.

Next play, same play, Paymah gets called in teh end-zone for pass interference. First and goal on the one yard line.

Brandon Jackson is stopped on the one-yard line! Niko Koutouvides and Wesley Woodyard on the stop.

Jackson is stopped again by thee Denver second-team defensive line. Give Larry Birdine and Wesley Woodyard the credit.

Third time's a charm and Aaron Rodgers gets the touchdown on the QB sneak. 20-17 Green Bay, but remember that's the first-team Packers offense against the second-team Broncos defense.

UPDATE: Marquand Manuel has hurt his thumb and went to the locker room.

Broncos second-team offense stalled in their first drive, let's see where they go. Michael Pittman is wrapped up by Desmond Bishop, Pittman cut back way too early.

Patrick Ramsey's dump off to Michael Pittman goes barely for a first down, this is Pittman's specialty.

Pitch to Pittman goes nowhere, the safety Aaron Rouse stops it in the backfield.

Ramsey scrambling on the next play hits Keary Colbert for nine yards.

Ramsey's handoff to Pittman goees for negative yards and the punt team heads out.

The second-team offensive line just can't handle the pressure right now.

Packers punt returner catches the punt from Brett Kern and is knocked to the ground by his own player.

Noah Herron, Packers third-stringer, who beat a lampshade against a robber in the off-season, he nearly beat him to death. Regardless, he's now beating the Broncos to death, running for 4-10 yards at will. Brian Brohm is in at quarterback for the Packers.

Thank science the Packers brought in their second-team, because now the Broncos can compete again. Some pressure and dropped pass make it 2nd and 13 for Green Bay.

Defensive end Paul Carrington may be hurt on the Broncos side, the Broncos trainers rush out to help him.

Wesley Woodyard again in on a tackle, this #59 is an animal. However, the Broncos look like the Broncos of last year. Not able to make a tackle on a rush...

Alvin McKinley, doing his best to make a point pushes Packers quarterback Brohm to the ground as Tim Crowder bats the ball down. Domonique Foxworth breaks the 3rd down pass up and Mason Crosby is back in for 53 yards, but it's wide right.

Broncos second team offense may be clicking against this second-team defense... Pittman catches a dump from Ramsey for about eight. 3rd and 1. Ramsey bootlegs to Clifford Russell for the first down. A late hit on Patrick Ramsey gives Denver an extra 15 yards.

Clifford Russel's my guy by the way, the dark horse, Michael Pittman rushes on the next play for 15, Andre Hall comes in, first and goal from the 6.

Patrick Ramsey nearly passes for his first interception! Not quite as Ramsey's interception attempt to Clifford Russell is incomplete. Ramsey will be back though.

Ramsey hits Brett Pierce at the two yard line. That's two bootlegs in a row. Hall is still in the back field.

Cecil Sapp isn't enough to get into the backfield.

Paul Carrington- strained calf muscle done for the night as the third quarter is done.

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