Saturday, August 9, 2008

Denver Broncos at Houston Texans: 2nd Quarter Notes

- Marquand Manuel made a big hit on WR Tim Carter, but Carter was able to hold on for a gain of 16.

- Cornerback Jack Williams was beat for a short gain.

- On 3rd and 7 Denver's pass defense was able to hold.

- Houston K Kris Brown is good on a field goal from 52 yards.

- RB Andre Hall subbing in for Eddie Royal to return kicks for Denver, he runs one back for 23 yards.

- Patrick Ramsey comes in for Jay Cutler, Andre Hall in for Selvin Young, Tony Scheffler comes in at TE.

- Tony Scheffler catches a 12 yard pass before being knocked out of bounds, he lined up in the slot.

- Andre Hall runs back to the line of scrimmage.

- Denver's running attack looks anemic.

- Patrick Ramsey is picked off by former Bronco safety Nick Ferguson, returning the ball 32 yards to the Bronco 26. Ramsey over threw Keary Colbert.

- Marlon McCree stopped a walk-in touchdown by Chris Taylor.

- Former CSU Ram WR David Anderson catches a TD in front of CB Karl Paymah, toe tipping it in at the pylon. A play familiar to Denver fans, Houston QB Sage Rosenfels bootlegged out to easily hit an open Anderson.

- Clifford Russell and Anthony Aldridge back to take the kick, Aldridge receives for

- WR Keary Colbert misses a big block, which would have set off HB Andre Hall for a large gain, he's negated to six yards.

- Same play, Hall gains three yards.

- Double tight end set, Andre Hall needs short yardage and got the one yard he needed for the first.

- Patrick Ramsey passes to Andre Hall for no gain. Could have been picked off by Houston's corner.

- Andre Hall could have broke a big run, ends up getting 14 getting tackled by the last player that could have done so.

- Andre Hall on his sixth consecutive play getting the ball gains one yard on the next play.

- 2nd and 9 Houston pass interference on Keary Colbert, automatic first down Denver.

- Quick throw to WR Darrell Jackson, he's wrapped up quickly, gaining three.

- Quick throw to Tony Scheffler, same result three yards.

- Andre Hall runs on 3rd and 4 and gets the first down, gain of nine. Hall showed patience waiting for the line to collapse and opens up the soft spot in Houston's D. 04:40 left in the 2nd Quarter.

- Hall again up the gut for nine yards. Houston SS Glenn Hall makes the TD saving stop.

- HB Michael Pittman subs in and picks up the first down.

- Tony Scheffler catches the ball on the ten yard-line, making it to the eight yard-line.

- Denver showing a power running game.

- Michael Pittman was swarmed on 1st down and loses four yards.

- 3rd and 9 Ramsey over throws the well covered Nate Jackson, Ramsey was hit as he threw.

- K Matt Prater is out for his first field goal ever, attempt of 30 yards. He misses his first attempt as a Denver Bronco.

- Back on Defense, 2nd and 4 Houston's Sage Rosenfels hits David Anderson for the first down. Dre Bly was in for the first time.

- Denver's pass rush, led by Tim Crowder leads to a hurried pass, Marquand Manuel blitzing from his blind side.

- Next play, cornerbacks Chrisitan Morton and Dre Bly both blitz, Morton blindsides Sage Rosenfels, who fumbles the ball Houston's HB Chris Brown recovers the ball. Morton came in untouched.

- Eddie Royal gets his first punt return opportunity finally, yet the punt rush penetrates quickly and Houston's 39 year-old punter Matt Turk runs the ball for a first down. The referees review the play.

- After review the ball was one yard short of the first down. Denver gets the ball just inside Houston territory with 00:42 left in the half.

- Darrell Jackson catches a quick screen taking it 14 yards inside the 30 yard line. 00:13 left in the half. Play is negated on an offensive holding play, Ryan Harris now has three penalties in one half. Though it didn't look like holding on Harris. Back to the 45 yard line.

- Patrick Ramsey dumps off the ball to Andre Hall, flags fly and right tackle Ryan Harris is again called on holding. The ball goes back over the 50 yard line.

- Trips left, Darrell Jackson wide right, Patrick Ramsey throws deep ball is picked off, then lateraled, finally Darrell Jackson tackles the carrier. Half is over.

2nd Quarter Notes:

Positives: Andre Hall, Darrell Jackson, Denver's corner blitz.
Negatives: Matt Prater, Patrick Ramsey (2 int's), Ryan Harris (4 penalties, one half).

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