Saturday, August 16, 2008

Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: 3rd Quarter

Hamza Abdullah was in on the first five tackles in the first drive. Think he wants a shot back at the first team?

Rookie linebacker Wesley Woodyard's getting beat in coverage, but is still tackling well.

Defensive tackle Nic Clemons is quick for a big dude.

We could use someone like Nick Folk on our team.

Did I mention Clifford Russell is my dark horse at wide out this year? I hope we get to see a lot of him this second half. Guy can block too.

How many interceptions do you think Patrick Ramsey throws this game? I got $50 on two interceptions.

Wow, speak of the devil, see who almost came up with the blocked pass? That was Clifford Russell.

Did Brett Kern just become the number one punter or the number two?

Patrick Ramsey just can't stop throwing interceptions can he!?! Pass interference or not, that was illegal contact before the pass was thrown. I guess when you're complaining about the backup... Things could be worse.

They're running Oldman [Michael] Pittman way too much, Denver's going to be down to two running backs by the end of the game. Can Spencer Larsen play tailback?

Clifford Russell with the first down! 19 yards.

If Matt Prater misses this field goal, Mike Shanahan should just cut him here, during the game.

He keeps his job for one more play.

Jack Williams missed a pick six. Come on rookie.

Denver Broncos second-team defensive line is creating major pressure on Dallas' second-team offense and third-string quarterback Richard Bartel.

Keep it on refresh here folks.

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