Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos: Second Quarter

Denver defensive coordinator Bob Slowik finally gets it together and the Denver Broncos are able to stop the Packers on 3rd and 16. Packers will punt to Eddie Royal.

Eddie Royal lets his rookie shine and waves off a punt that bounces to the one before the Packers down it. I'd really love to see Royal get a punt return.

Let's see if Denver can do a 99 yard drive.

Jay Cutler yet again guns a pass, incomplete, this time to Tony Scheffler 1-7.

Andre Hall runs up the middle for a gain of two yards. 4rd and 8.

Peyton Hillis! The best hands in the backfield, for the first down, he gets all the way to the 17.

Andre Hall breaks an 18 yard run. Selvin who? He's one player away from going yard.

Next play: Andre Hall again for about seven yards. Mike Shanahan loves to run backs back-to-back.

Selvin Young, yawn, Clifford Russell is wide as Selvin Young gains the three necessary for a first.

Jay Cutler on first from the shot gun, run a draw, Selvin Young takes it for about eight before Charles Woodson attempts to take his head off. Selvin Young runs for two on the next play.

That's the problem with Denver, focused on the first down, not focused on scoring.

Cutler roll and passes to Eddie Royal, Nick Rollins is draped all over him, but there is no passs interference.

Nate Jackson! With an incredible catch for a first down!

Screw Brandon Marshall, Andre Hall is the most dangerous player in Denver. Catching a dump out of the backfield. He goes for 20 to the 17 yard line. Broncos continue to drive off of their 99 yard drive

Hall taken out in favor of Michael Pittman, who gets the two yards the Broncos need for the first down.

Nate Jackson with the touchdown from Jay Cutler!

Matt Prater killed that kickoff, it ended up somewhere near the south standers...

DJ Williams with great coverage! Yet, he gets the pass interference. Yet, it's great to see DJ able to cover a receiver of Donald Driver's ability.

After that horrible play, Brandon Jackson catches a dump off pass, splits Jamie Winborn and Nate Webster and goes forever. Before Hall of Famer Champ Bailey gets him out of bounds.

Jamie Winborn makes up for it on the next play and the Packers still can't run on the Broncos.

No pressure on Aaron Rodgers, Nate Webster wraps up the Packers back on the dump off.

3rd and 6, four men in the box, there's a flag- damnit. I was looking forward to seeing how Denver held them. Off-sides on Green Bay. They're going for it again 3rd and 11. Denver holds! Barely though, Dre Bly missed a tackle on the third-string tight end.

Packers going for it on fourth, quarterback sneak and, Aaron Rodgers gets his second quarter back sneak.

John Engleberger destroys Brandon Jackson on the next play. Nate Webster **** the bed and missed the first tackle. 2nd and 5.

Question marks everywhere... Either Dallas is horrible or Green Bay is really incredibly good. Don't know yet.

When Denver's not rushing, they have four men in the box, the three linebackers way back and they kind of just float there...

Dump pass is swallowed up by Marlon McCree and Kenny Peterson. Fourth down.

Elvis Dumervil hurt a finger, great...

Mason Crosby in for a field goal 10-10.

Two minute offense time, Jay Cutler comes out with 1:41 left on his 20.

Pass play deep to Brandon Marshall and it looks like it's intercepted. However, may have been interference and it is. 1st and 10 on the 48 yard line.

Cutler looks deep TOUCHDOWN BRANDON MARSHALL, same play, same man, defender knocks the ball into Brandon Marshall's hand.

Here's the message to the NFL, give Brandon Marshall on one-on-one coverage and he will destroy you.

Took the Broncos 16 seconds to score, this is Madden '08 type football. I am not kidding, the problem is that Denver only took 16 seconds off, but it gives us a chance to see the number one defense against an urgent offense.

Over the middle, Donald Driver catches one off of Marlon McCree, gave Driver at least 15 yards.

Dump off to Marency, goes for 10. 56 seconds left and two timeouts for the Packers.

Domonique Foxworth yet again shows why he's a number three corner back, letting the Packers catch yet again in front of him, another first and 10.

No pass rush, of course Green Bay gains another 9, Jamie Winborn on the tackle off of the dump off.

This bend but not break defense... I don't know. 14 seconds left and the Packers call a time onut on their own. 34. The tight end hurdles Foxworth on his way to the sideline. Smart attempt, poor execution.

Aaron Rodgers passes deep into the end-zone, but Foxworth blankets Greg Jennings and it goes out of bounds.

Mason Crosby comes in with five seconds left. 13-17 Denver and it's halftime.

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