Saturday, August 9, 2008

Denver Broncos at Houston Texans: 4th Quarter Notes

  • Matt Prater makes his second field goal on the second play of the 4th quarter. Denver 13 Houston 16. 14:52 remaining in the game.

  • WR Clifford Russell makes the tackle on the ensuing kick off return. I'd like to see this guy in at WR.

  • Darius Walker's bell is run by Wesley Woodyard. A nice clean hit. I can't figure out if Woodyard's playing linebacker or safety.

  • Jack Williams is called for holding, giving Houston a first down.

  • Josh Barrett is once again in on a tackle, that's five that he's been in on.

  • Denver's third-team defense can't figure out whether they want to be good or bad against the run. They've had flashes, but so far the bad is out weighing the good.

  • Denver's finally able to stop Houston's run, Wesley Woodyard again in on the tackle. Eight men were in the box.

  • 3rd and 4, off set I, Steve Slaton is stopped once again by Wesley Woodyard, stopping him three yards shy of the first down. Woodyard is in fact playing linebacker.

  • Glenn Martinez is in at punt returner, he's wrapped up immediately at the 20. 10:19 left in the game.

  • Tony Scheffler has a false start to begin the drive with a negative five yards.

  • Anthony Aldridge gains two on 1st and 15.

  • WR Samie Parker catches a Darrell Hackney toss and it's good for about 10 yards. Hackney showed poise in the pocket.

  • Clifford Russell and Tony Scheffler were both moving at the same time, Scheffler kind of fell. This negates Michael Pittman's first down catch. It's 3rd and 9.

  • Darrell Hackney from the shot gun, Hackney connects with Tony Scheffler who is pulled down at the 48 yard line. Hackney had to scramble from the five man rush and floats it to Scheffler. A gain of 38.

  • Holding again on Denver. 10 yards back, fourth holding call on Denver. Mitch Erickson's second holding of the night.

  • Hackney's in the shotgun again, pressure leads to him running, then going air born, picks up again 16 yards, but there's another flag. Penalty's illegal contact on the defense, Denver gets a first down.

  • Hackney's obviously no longer content on the practice squad, rolls out on a bootleg, over throws Clifford Russell, but there's a flag- pass interference inside the five yard line. Tony Scheffler was open in the flat. 07:11 left.

  • Delay of game on the Broncos.

  • First and goal from the eight, Anthony Aldridge gets sandwiched by two defensive linemen who are not blocked at all. Loss of three.

  • Hackney's in the shotgun, but is forced to call a timeout as the play clock pushes towards zero.

  • Hackney throws behind Michael Pittman in the flat. Making it 3rd and goal from the 11.

  • Deep drop, screen pass to Anthony Aldridge, who only gets three yards. Bring on Matt Prater, 06:12 left in the 4th. 26 yard attempt.

  • Matt Prater is good and is 3 of 4 on field goals today. 16 all, 05:50 left in the game.

  • Matt Prater's kickoff is returned at the goal line, Steve Slaton returns it out the the 39 yard-line. Prater actually makes the tackle.

  • Denver's cornerback Christian Morton has looked more than good this game.

  • Wesley Woodyard is another player who has looked impressive for Denver. Woodyard showed great closing speed tracking down Steve Slaton from behind.

  • LB Jordan Beck sacks the quarterback! 2nd and 15.

  • Jordan Beck is called for holding on the next play preventing what would have been 3rd and 15. 03:44 left.

  • Wesley Woodyard again in on a solo tackle, as Houston's QB Shane Boyd rushes for a first down.

  • Christian Morton hogties a Houston receiver preventing a first down. However Houston now has the ball on the Broncos 29. 2nd and 1.

  • Steve Slaton runs for the first and the clock runs, Houston's slow to break their huddle.

  • Steve Slaton gains 16 yards Denver safety LaMont Reid prevents the touch down.

  • Two minute warning and Houston's scarily close to scoring, whether it be on a touchdown or field goal.

  • A four-yard gain by Steve Slaton is stopped by new Bronco safety Vickiel Vaughn.

  • A couple Broncos who's numbers have been consistently in on tackles this quarter: Christian Morton, LaMont Reid, Wesley Woodyard and Jordan Beck.

  • 3rd and 4 Houston gets the first off of fullback Jamiel Cook's run, but there's a late flag.

  • Denver's Jordan Beck leads the Broncos to a negative three yard stop.

  • Steve Slaton is spun to the turf by Wesley Woodyard. The clock continues to tick down at sixty seconds and counting. Houston calls a timeout with 00:27 left on the clock.

  • Denver prevents a bootleg, rookie safety Josh Barrett stays home and prevents a Shane Boyd rushing touchdown.

  • Houston's Kris Brown kicks a game winning field goal as the clock ticks to zero. 19-16 Houston wins.
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