Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tom Nalen Madness!

He's the talk of town for all of the wrong reasons. Jonathan Douglas over at BroncoTalk followed up The Denver Post's article on Denver center (and future Hall of Famer) Tom Nalen's absence over the last 7 (now 8) days. Now Mike Lombardi chimed in this morning on his blog:
"... if the Broncos think Casey Wiegmann can do the job at 35, they will be in for a shock. Playing center in the AFC West means blocking Jamal Williams of SD. And that is VERY hard to do."
The man has a point Tom Nalen is 37, Casey Wiegmann is 35, but both men are entering their 15th season in the NFL. Where I believe Mr. Lombardi may have over spoke is that Wiegmann hasn't missed a start in quite some time and both Nalen and Wiegmann have been owning Jamal Williams since 1998. The list of Denver backs are too many to mention, but Wiegmann's been busting holes for the likes of: Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson and Kolby Smith (yeah, even him too) over that time. Not to mention that the nose tackle in San Diego does deserve the utmost respect from opponents, but he himself is getting a bit up there in years too (32 years-old).

The story of Tom Nalen sitting out in my opinion was a non-issue as of yesterday to me, but to me it seems like it's not non-issue for everyone else. I even nonchalantly suggested sitting Nalen the entire rest of the preseason regardless of his health. Do we really need to wear down the leader of our all important leader on the offensive line? I can't advocate it, keep Mr. Nalen in shape so that in week one against Oakland he's fresh, because it gets murky when looking into the depth behind Wiegmann, that's for sure.

Does this man look like he's done?
That's Tom Nalen by the way in 2007. Hard to recognize without the helmet on.

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