Monday, August 11, 2008

Denver Turmoil - Gorillas in the Mist

Pronunciation: \ˈtər-ˌmi(-ə)l\
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
Date: 1526
: a state or condition of extreme confusion, agitation, or commotion
Ever found yourself scratching at an itch? Minutes later you look down to see why that itch is burning to find a bug bit? When did it get there, why didn't you feel it, why is it throbbing so much and what are you going to do about all the swollen redness? That about sums up my 2007 Denver Broncos review.

In late February the Denver Broncos began their quest to take care of a couple of those scratches, any and every one of the Broncos fans can tell you; Out are troublesome players and veterans on their last leg.

A team that last year was one of the oldest, this year is one of the youngest, I don't agree with that transition year BS. In reality, there is no such thing as a transition year in the NFL, you're telling me that people's lives are on the line and a team's going to tell them that they're playing in a year that doesn't matter?

So Denver's defensive leaders include a man you'll hardly ever get a quote from in DJ Williams and a man who has redefined the corner back position, Champ Bailey. Could be a whole lot worse off. On the offensive side of the ball, we have future Hall of Famer Tom Nalen and the prodigal son himself Jay Cutler. That's two guaranteed Hall of Fame players, last years second leading tackler in the NFL and a man who is primed to, "Beast," this season, as the kids would note.

There are kinks and outside of Denver this is probably laughable, but inside of Denver fans know that whether Andre Hall, Michael Pittman, Anthony Aldridge or Selvin Young is carrying the rock- someone is averaging five yards plus a carry. Whether it is one player rushing for 150 yards per game or four players rushing for 150 yards per game it doesn't matter.

Worried about the offensive line? Ryan Clady looked a little shaky against Mario Williams last week? Too bad, Mario Williams is the next Julius Peterson and Ryan Clady is the next Gary Zimmerman. They've got years to go up against each other. My profound thought of the moment is that despite all of the trouble Williams gave Clady, Jay Cutler was still able to run around Williams' side for 15 yards and dive for a touchdown.

Are fans excited about names like: Wesley Woodyard, Christian Morton, LaMont Reid and Josh Barrett popping off over their 850 KOA's or the KCNC airwaves? Those are third and fourth stringers, a team is determined by their depth and if the upstarts want to shine, let them be bright.

I'm loving it and I'm loving Denver's chances. The best gauge we can possibly get this season is going up against the NFC's best attempt at a Super Bowl contender, next week in the Dallas Cowboys. I have to admit, that I ignored it last season when Dallas handed Denver their asses on a silver platter. This year it won't be ignored, the Broncos will most likely be without DeWayne Robertson, Tom Nalen, Champ Bailey and Boss Bailey this weekend, but those are four of the best starters Denver has. There are no excuses for losing this time. Wade Phillips and the Dallas Cowboys showed no mercy last preseason and I don't expect the Broncos to do the Cowboys any favors this season.

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