Saturday, August 9, 2008

Denver Broncos at Houston Texans: 3rd Quarter Notes

  • Rookie Wesley Woodyard starts off the half with a special teams tackle inside the 20 yard-line.

  • LB Niko Koutouvides gets beat by David Anderson. Makes up for it on the next play by almost stripping the ball.

  • DE Jarvis Moss jumps offsides, but that didn't stop Houston from moving the sticks.

  • Houston's (and former CSU Ram) David Anderson looks very good.

  • Jarvis Moss may have injured his left arm on a tackle.

  • Sage Rosenfels throws deep to Jacoby Jones covered by Roderick Rogers, 41 yards inside the Broncos 10. Jarvis Moss nearly had the sack.

  • Rookie CB Jack Williams gets lucky that Sage Rosenfels didn't see David Anderson wide open. Williams had left Anderson wide open in poor coverage.

  • 3rd and Goal from the six, Rosenfels bubble screen to David Anderson does not score. Denver's defensive tightening up when they have to. Houston settles for a field goal. 16-7 Houston.

  • Clifford Russell returns the kickoff out to the 27 yard return.

  • Anthony Aldridge's first carry is negated by a holding penalty on Denver rookie guard Mitch Erickson.

  • Anthony Aldridge fumbles his next play, a pass from Patrick Ramsey, Denver recovers.

  • 2nd and 15 wing right slot left, Anthony Aldridge gets another run, does nothing, gaining two yards. 3rd and long.

  • Patrick Ramsey from shotgun hands off on a draw play to Michael Pittman, gets to the thirty. Denver will punt.

  • A crazy punt return by Houston's Jacoby Jones that must have been at least 65 total yards of running from right to left, end in a fumble in which Denver's fullback Cecil Sapp recovers the ball. Sapp narrowly made it onto the field in time, looking like he wasn't aware he was supposed to be in on coverage.

  • Denver lucks out starting this drive on the Texans 24.

  • Patrick Ramsey passes for four yards to Michael Pittman who was playing fullback.

  • Ramsey throws behind Pittman on the next play, now third down.

  • From shotgun, Houston showing blitz, protection great, Ramsey's throw was tipped at the LOS by Gabe Long, almost intercepted, but Darrell Jackson just misses the catch.

  • K Matt Prater attempt number two, splits the uprights from 38 yards. Field goal is
    good! 16-10 Houston.

  • Houston's Steve Slanton is tripped up by Wesley Woodyard again at the 20 on the kickoff return. Woodyard was crawling on his hands and knees to make the tackle.

  • Houston QB Shane Boyd fakes a toss, the entire defense bites and he gains 16 yards going the opposite way.

  • Denver's defense stops Houston on 4th and short, taking over on their on Houston's 49.

  • Darrell Hackney comes in just under three minutes left in the 3rd quarter. PJ Alexander is in at center.

  • Hackney swings it out to Anthony Aldridge and picks up the first down.

  • Anthony Aldridge takes a hand off and splits to the sideline for a gain of 20 yards.

  • Darrell Hackney makes a good move, holding onto the ball and tossing it out of bounds on a broken play.
3rd Quarter Notes:

Positives: Darrell Jackson, Josh Barrett has been all over the field, Wesley Woodyard looks like he's going to make an immediate impact on ST. Darrell Hackney continues to look better than Patrick Ramsey. Cecil Sapp had a very heads up ST play.

Negatives: Anthony Aldridge didn't look too good before his 20 yard run. Keary Colbert needs to do something quick.

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