Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Darkside of John Lynch's Decision

Do you think that when John Lynch made the decision to leave the Denver Broncos last month that he thought for a second that the Denver Broncos had a chance at a Super Bowl? Of course not, he wouldn't have left, fear around these offices was that he would return home to San Diego... He did one better, he moved in with the New England Patriots. Yet, with the Patriots John Lynch will see even less time then he would have with Denver. How does that feel for a backhand Denver? Smarts a little bit and every little bit helps, because Denver plays New England mid-season and they don't really have anything to prove, just Lynch- who won't be on the field much. Denver, however, will be on the field the whole time.

Quick question, with all of the discussion of legacy and athletes playing out their careers beyond their time. What if Denver were to go to the Super Bowl this season and not New England. Would John Lynch become this years Tiki Barber? There's a man who lost a lot of respect, I'm sure not just in New York. Tiki Barber's decision to retire couldn't have backfired worse, he's been the butt of a lot of jokes and probably will continue to be now that Michael Strahan has a job in broadcasting.

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