Saturday, August 16, 2008

Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: Fourth Quarter

Phelps won his 8th Gold Medal or 7th?

It's good to finally hear Keary Colbert's name.

Alright, Patrick Ramsey's a bum, leaving Glenn Martinez open like that. Hope that he's okay.

Are we seeing elements of Bob Slowik's, "Bend but don't break," defense? It's possible, haven't really seen a blitz or even eight men in the box yet this game. So it's hard to tell, during the season, I expect to see much more blitzing, especially from the corners and safeties though.

Please let Darrell Hackney come into the game with eight minutes left.

I think I jinxed Clifford Russell, Glen Martinez made a smart play downing the botched kick off.

No Darrell Hackney.

Brett Kern just redefined, "Booming," a punt.

Good to see Spencer Larsen having a presence this game on special teams.

Forgot to say that I like Jordan Beck this game on defense too, injuries are getting him many more reps.

Don't know what to think of Tyrone Poole in his first game back with Denver. Biggest hit I've seen him make came against Jarvis Moss so far.

Spencer Larsen laced Richard Bartel, good hit.

Jack Williams saved the game! Haha, should have been a pick six though.

Oh sure, now Darrell Hackney comes in.

Matt Prater goes 3 of 4 again this game.

Denver wins! 23-13.

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