Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Denver Broncos Ageist?

I know that I've been critical of the media in Denver as of late, from my chair high atop the ivory tower (sarcasm). However, Mark Kiszla's newest column for The Denver Post suggests that, John Lynch's departure looks bad for the Broncos. I have to agree with him, in a week that's been full of radio stations calling out suspensions, reporters doing features on players who don't even play defense and rookie writers reporting mis-info.

Yes, I know I didn't link any of those proclamations, everyone makes mistakes, but when you're paid, I think you deserve to be held to a higher standard. Especially when you have an editor, I of course have none...

I was troubled when I saw the crooked team doctor in Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday. Then I was even more troubled when truth started surfacing about former Bronco middle linebacker Al Wilson and the situation surrounding his release. Now I've read Stefan Fatsis' new book A Few Seconds of Panic and I'm downright convinced. I'm not saying anything here that's going to get me in trouble with anyone in the NFL, but I might eventually. Especially in my next three films.


The Denver Post reads my blog (and steals my titles, word for word) =)

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