Sunday, July 6, 2008

Be Alert (we need more lerts) to a future topic:

Is anyone really out there reading this? OK, how many fingers am I holding up? Where are you? What year is it? Man, you guys act like you really got your bell rung this time. Here, smell this, don't sit down and don't go to sleep; the meatwagon will be here shortly.

Ian tells me that there are a lot of readers out there. How can that be? No one ever even says "Hi!" or asks for my phone number. What the ****? Would it be too much to ask for some ... reaction? I thought cyberspace was supposed to be interactive. Anybody LISTENING? Come on. How about some comments like, "Sam, you are full of ****!"

One thing that Ian and I will be discussing in which we invite you to participate is the '09 draft. Yes, I know, that's a long way off, but training camp is a way off, too, and you imaginary people out there ARE NOT HELPING to cultivate intelligent discourse (not to be confused with datcourse).

If you are visiting this site, it's possible you are a football junkie. We are, too. NFL needs college players and following the NFL sort of requires a medium awareness of the college game; guess where college players come from?

Think of it this way, Bronco fans. When the preseason begins we are all evaluating the existing Bronco talent pool. Each position must be studied all players being scrutinized. During the season we must begin to pinpoint areas that need improvement personnel-wise. Simultaneously, we must at least follow FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision/previously known as Div.1A). We will forgive you if you don't include FCS (Football Championship Subdivision/previously known as Div.1AA). Those of you who include FCS, Div.II & III will get kudos from us and our admiration. Pop quiz: What player, from the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, who set an all-time NCAA record was recently signed by the Jets?

The obvious purpose (not porpoise) of this exercise is to figure out who might be able to help our beloved Broncos. We start with the pool of Seniors since they WILL be available. At the end of the college season, there is a deadline (of which Ian can inform us) by which Juniors may officially declare their availability for the next NFL draft.

So, my wonderful deaf-dumb-mute amigos, the '09 draft is a topic open to discussion. You know, like "The Holy-Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman ... discuss."

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