Saturday, July 26, 2008

Brandon Marshall: My speculation

Now, let me throw in my two pennies regarding the current report that Brandon Marshall will be suspended anywhere from four to eight games this season...

Anyone who has read Stefan Fatsis' new book A Few Seconds of Panic may have noticed there's a tiny little piece tucked inside of one of the chapters where Fatsis writes about pleading with Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen to kick in a preseason game. Bowlen says he won't bring it up with the NFL, because he doesn't want to make other owners jealous, of his relationship with (then commissioner) Paul Tagliabue. The other reason was that he didn't that jealous to hurt the chances of the man he'd been lobbying for commissioner. That man is Roger Goodell.

If I thought for any reason that this blog might get noticed by someone inside the NFL, I'd never write this, for fear of Marshall being suspended, but I'm not too worried about that. I say, Marshall gets a pass. Just this time... For two reasons, Goodell isn't in Bowlen's pocket by any means, but you don't go around biting the hand that got him into the position he holds in the NFL. If he does in fact suspend Marshall, it will not be without a conversation with Mr. Bowlen. The other reason, Goodell has made his example, several times over, not with a Bronco, but with players like Adam Jones and Chris Henry.

This is just pure speculation by me, but being a blogger, I'm able to maybe point out things that other journalists may not be able to. So that's what I did, all for your faithful ones.


Garrett Barnes said...

Good point but with the rumors right now it looks like he won't get a pass just yet. I wouldn't suspend him either but I don't like Goodell and nothing he could do would surprise me.

Ian said...

Yeah, I'm not so hot on him being completely let off... But I had a thought and expressed it =P