Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Four down...

Well, you didn't hear it here first, but Denver signed three draft picks and also released contract information on a fourth. Defensive tackle Carlton Powell, (rookie of the year hopeful, just kidding) running back Ryan Torain and (former Bronco fullback, current Linebacker/badass) Spencer Larsen all signed four-year contracts last evening. In the words of a former employer, "They'll be sorry..." The Rocky Mountain News reports that seventh=round draft pick (safety) Josh Barret "got a four-year, $1.76 million deal that included a $56,300 signing bonus."

However, in the meantime, we've "added depth" in "positions of need" and we can now "look forward" to the "season ahead" and the "superbowl" or at least "Madden 2009".

It's interesting talking about Ryan Torain, here's a running back that the Broncos actually drafted, you would think that he'd be over hyped by now... Especially by fans and bloggers, hmm. I guess maybe during the season people will finally start to talk about him, considering he's the next Terrell Davis. Spencer Larsen as I've stated in this very blog and I think Sam will agree, is someone who was brought in to have an immediate impact on Special Teams. As fans are very well aware by now, a lot of the rookies and UDFA's were picked up because of their diversity and potential to provide a little more wow. Hoping that maybe next year our hardest hit on Special Teams won't come from our (former) kick returner (Dominik Hixon).

Now Carlton Powell, I don't know seemed like fans were screaming for a DT in the first, second and third-rounds this year, but in their short sightedness forgot that we drafted like that last season (and it worked out well right?). I for one am glad that we took care of everything else, prior to picking up Powell, was he the best "value" when we picked him up? Who knows, get back to me in three years and maybe I'll have an opinion.


Garret Barnes said...

Torain I don't think is overhyped I just feel that we are blowing out of proportion what we do with RB's. We have good coaches but I think the reason we end up with so many RB steals is we just have great scouts when it comes to RB's. Therefore we are able to find steals in the later rounds.

Ian said...

Oh, he's certainly not over hyped yet, but there are people calling for him to start already. Really? Let the guy take a preseason down... THEN let's all scream for him to start =)