Friday, July 11, 2008

Travis Henry Fails Drug Test

This would be Breaking News, except he's not playing for the Denver Broncos anymore. As many expected while he was with the Broncos runningback Travis Henry has allegedly failed yet another drug test. All this according to this will be the second time in less than two years that Travis Henry will be up for a one-year minimum suspension from the NFL.
"A highly-placed NFL source says former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry has tested positive again for marijuana."
This was every Denver fan's quiet fear for most of last season, although there is no sense in kicking a man while he's down. We'll let you know as the story develops... Best of luck to Mr. Henry.

UPDATE: It is speculated that Henry tested positive prior to the Denver Broncos releasing him. It was nice of Shanahan to use 'coach speak' while discussing the reason for Henry's release, although expect the Broncos to possibly deny this. NFL teams themselves may now be held responsible for employing dead beats.

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