Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Links! 7/16/2008

I've just put up a new article over at Bronco Madness, though it's not posted yet, so I can't link to it. However, by the time you read this, it'll probably be up, so go on over there and check it out. It's about Jay Cutler and the ever persistent third-year in a Mike Shanahan system.

[EDIT: it's up: How Good is Jay Cutler? (A History of Mike Shanahan in one part)]

Seriously, these links aren't much at all, but I will do my best to help you laugh in between:
  • Kevin Jones said two days ago that he was looking forward to his trip to Denver, but he signed with Chicago. (Guess Bronco fans can rest assured knowing that Selvin Young's status as the starter is anything but solid.)

  • Brandon Marshall's not the only one in the NFL with a weak story, Luke (McCown) hits his brother Josh (McCown) with an ax, while, "Chopping wood," in 105 degree weather.

  • Scouts Inc. says Denver's Defensive Line is #32, but I'm not going to make you pay for Insider, so here's what they say about Denver:
32. Denver Broncos
The Broncos were a major disappointment on defense last season, ranking 30th against the run (142.6 ypg). They've done little to address the situation during the offseason. Defensive tackles Marcus Thomas and Alvin McKinley are decent players but have not shown the ability to dominate or become players who command special attention. Neither is a physical presence who can overpower blockers or force double-teams. Defensive ends John Engelberger and Elvis Dumervil are both undersized. Engelberger is a bit of a tweener who is not explosive off the edge and lacks the size, strength and bulk to be a top run defender, while Dumervil has excellent burst and acceleration off the edge but struggles when teams run right at him. Thomas and DEs Jarvis Moss and Tim Crowder, all of whom were drafted in 2007, must become more productive if the Broncos hope to play better than last year.

[Guess people have to pay extra to find no mention of one of the biggest defensive acquisitions of the off-season for Denver (DeWayne Robertson). Thanks for the insight ESPN way to not mention Robertson or our newest draft pick to sign a contract, or the fact that Dumervil's a pass rushing specialist. Come to think of it **** ESPN Insider, we promise to have better information than them on the Broncos and it's here for free.]
  • This guy just made a commercial with Jay Cutler, a McDonald's Commercial. They didn't want Brandon Marshall or what? Cutler's taking this stuff way too far, I'm sure Marshall got the point the second time you came out to publicly criticize him.
That's it guys (told you that I didn't have much), check back, I'll add more if there is more, because as you can tell, I really went slumming. Just kidding, I would never date a chick from San Diego [zing!?].

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