Monday, July 7, 2008


It's the rut, what is it two more weeks until training camp? Who will win out at middle linebacker? Who's going to be the second wide receiver on the depth chart? How will Bob Slowik's defense shape up? Will Selvin Young keep the starting job throughout the preseason or are we going to see Michael Pittman, Andre Hall or Ryan Torain starting against Oakland? Are we going to see the youngins- Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Marcus Thomas, Selvin Young, Tony Scheffler and Jarvis Moss step into the players we're all sure that they can be (some have already made significant movements in the right direction). Is Eddie Royal the next Devin Hester? Or should we have drafted DeSean Jackson?

The journey to knowing is sure to be a fun one. Here's some things I've stumbled upon this morning, hope everyone had a great Independence Day and for our Canadian and Mexican readers, hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

Okay, first up, I stumbled on this site, thanks to Josh Temple at BroncoTalk. The blog Orange Bucksnorts features a column called "Cream of the Crop" which takes the best of message board posts, comments from articles at the Denver Post and wherever else fans or players may be quoted or writing, and displays them along with commentary.

Here's a beautiful example and I agree with Hercules, it may be one of the best things I've ever read, ever. It's to the Denver Post's Woody Paige:
Dears Woodrow Tiberius Grandfather Woodchuck,

First quest, can I has Jay Cutler autograph? He hard to get from east coast.

Second, before Bronco draft in makey chat Denver Post you say Bronco not high on Clady. Then Bronco pick Clady. Why Bronco not high on Clady? Was they makey wrong choice before draft to makey other team think not choice? I watch youtoob and clady pan cake guy to ground hard then fall on guy as get up. Fall on guy as get up! Like ton of brick house! Mean spirit guy we need guy this makey all the plays.

Three, sorry guy in first quest. Secon rushmore Chanp Baily. Three rushmore Steve Atwater cause megaton Okoye hit on monday night, call see play before happen, I dont care what guys say he there cause that. Four is reserve Jay Cutsler and is megaton propeller arm fully upgrade diabetes checked Elway cross return to stomach of receives.

Thank you Grandfather Woodchuck. Mighty Bronco wisdom man. May no disease toad rain on family area abode.

Horvil Tiki
I died a little laughing so hard, you can visit the blog here. Horvil, whoever you are, you have a spot on our site whenever you'd like.

Some links:

And that's that, this week, we've got Sam previewing the 2009 draft for Denver and I'll be breaking down the season ahead. Of course we'll keep you up-to-date if any news breaks (such as the signing of any draft picks), I'll also be guest blogging over at Bronco Madness with Garret and the guys, so check them out. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute something soon to those great guys at BroncoTalk as well.

Oh and Hercules (Orange Bucksnorts), you've got a new fan.


Crosshare said...

Thanks for the credit Ian! By the way I am reading the site, just haven't had a chance to comment. It seems like only MHR gets the big talkers. Unless Jon is posting, then we get a crap ton.

Garret said...

That comment is hilarious! Go Hercules!!!