Friday, July 18, 2008

Links! 7/18/08

Here back for the weekend, I have stories for you my friends. I will get to them in a minute, let me just take a moment to thank everyone who gives us a place in their busy days to check the site and see what it is that we have to say. Sam and I are blogging all over the place and hope that you're enjoying it.

Onto the story (which will lead into a link, promise), I had a former boss, complete scum bag, he'd force me to go to lunch with him. In the busy Manhattan streets he'd point out a girl and he'd knod, "Ian... Would you?" and I'd look at it'd be some two-hundred and sixty pound thing with greasy hair, and then I'd laugh (hey, I didn't want to get fired right?).

So I ask you Broncos Denver Broncos faithful, would you?:

No? Really? Okay what about this one?:

Yeah... Me either!


Have a safe and enjoyable weekend folks, we'll be here with updates to fuel your hangovers.


Sam said...

Fantasy Sports Girl #5, Holly, seems to have some issues with her gear. What is up with that jersey and the well-placed tendrils of hair? And ... short-shorts game pants is kind of an oxymoron ... ain't got no pockets in 'em. I'll be glad to meet her in the equipment room to straighten out some of these uniform and equipment issues. Very prescient comments, by the way.

Ian said...

HAHA! Sam! Ladies and Gentlemen...