Monday, July 14, 2008

Links! (7/14/08)

Busy weekend for both Sam and I. Sam's at the tail end of wrapping up his Broncos 2009 Draft Preview and I've made it up to Week 7 of the Broncos 2008 Season Preview.

Excitement's building all around, the Washington Redskins open their training camp this Sunday (they're the first team in the league to start). Denver will open their doors July 25th, oh and then a little more than a week after that:

Madden 2009, get ready to be the best on the intranets. We're actually working on our own little Madden 2009 training camp, to prepare for the game. Basically we got 11 kids aged 10-14 to scream, "You suck! (old man) What are you like 30???" As you run the gauntlet attempting to hold on to your remote control. As an added bonus you can select which regional dialect you'd like them to use (we have: Southern, Texan, New Jersey, Staten Island, Brooklyn or North Dakotan).

Show the NFL you're ready, go 19-0 three season in a row, while trading away your underachieving players at the end of every season to get the number 1 draft pick and constantly rebuild your team.


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