Friday, July 18, 2008

Preparing for the 2009 NFL Draft; pars septima:

Let's just go on ahead to potential fourth round players of possible interest to the Broncos in the 2009 NFL Draft:

Scott McKillop, MLB, Pitt, 6-1, 240, 151 tkl, 3 sk, 6 tfl, 7 pbu, 1 int in '07. If need exists at MLB in '09, he could be a good way to address it. McKillop's (and Pitt's) performance in the Big East will be worth following. Remember Pitt's upset of West Virginia in the "Backyard Brawl" in Morgantown in '07? Fourth Quarter, 4th & 3, Steve Slaton gets the ball and is tackled by McKillop ... ball goes over to Pitt on downs.

Devin Moore, RB, Wyoming, 5-9, 192, 198 att, 965 yds, 5 TD, 24 rec, 161 yds, 1 TD, 10 KOR, 271 yds, 1 TD in '07. If need is perceived at RB in '09, here is a worthy candidate especially if Denver continues in the direction of the tandem/RB by committee approach which seems so practical these days. Moore has the breakaway/long speed necessary to be a constant scoring threat. He could be a scary guy in a rotation and ST.

Londen Fryar, CB, Western Michigan, 5-11, 192, 63 tkl, 2.5 tfl, 16 pbu, 1 int in '07. Maybe it's time for the Broncos (Denver, that is) to start looking at CBs every season ... just in case ... the position starts to lose ... it's current strength and depth. Fryar is a good prospect who can certainly cover, a definite prerequisite for a Denver CB. He was 1st Team MAC after his Sophomore and Junior seasons. Pop Quiz: Who is he?

David Bruton, FS, Notre Dame, 6-2, 207, 85 tkl, 1 sk, 3.5 tfl, 2 pbu, 3 int in '07. In the event the Broncos haven't taken a FS by the fourth round, Bruton might still be there. Denver's lack of a FS, Josh Barrett having yet to prove himself, makes the position a priority in my opinion. It seems Denver's D may need two different kinds of Safeties: run-stopping Box/Monster/SS types who line up all over and can handle short zones and man on TE; and, Center-Fielder, deep third/cover 3, break on the ball guys who could handle some cover 1/cover zero. This guy might fit the latter job description.

Brian Mandeville, TE, Northeastern, 6-6, 255, 30 rec, 411 yds, 5 TD in '07. Personally, as already stated in "pars sexta", I much prefer Fresno State's Bear Pascoe to be Denver's next third TE. However, if for whatever reason Denver doesn't draft him, Mandeville might be a good third TE candidate with some future in the NFL. After all, in '07, the NY Giants drafted Kevin Boss, TE, Western Oregon in the fifth round and, when Jeremy Shockey was out for the year, Boss did nothing but make plays ... in the run to close the season as a Wild Card ... in the playoff road warrior run ... and in the Super Bowl. If a fifth rounder can do that ... well, I'm just sayin'.

Andy Kemp, G, Wisconsin, 6-5, 318. Not many stats for OL unless you want to consider the overall success of the whole offense and their level of competition. Without throwing more numbers out there, let's say the Badgers did well on offense in the Big Eleven. If the Broncos still needed a G in the fourth round, here's one who hasn't been arrested because he's been too busy attending class ... All-Academic Big-Ten ... at The University of Wisconsin in Madison. OK.

Darryl Richard, DT, Georgia Tech, 6-3, 290, 30 tkl, 4.5 sk, 7 tfl, 1 pbu in '07. I really think the Broncos need another rookie DT in '09 because, in my opinion, they need to start growing their own guys in a move away from so many UFAs. Think I mentioned one for second round consideration and two in the third. You may have noticed that 6-3, 290 guys with a motor are catching my eye. That type of DT would seem to fit well with Denver's new one-gap control D-Line concept. For that you need some 300 pound bowling balls to foul up blocking assignments. Seems like a lot of those in the '09 draft and it doesn't end with this round either. Oh, yeah, Darryl is another one of those academic awards guys, too.

Antonio Appleby, ILB, Virginia, 6-3, 250, 60 tkl, 2.5 sk, 2.5 tfl, 6 pbu in '07. We began this round with a MLB and just in case one is still needed, we end with one (that's right, kids, this round is almost over). Appleby's stats may seem a little misleading because he played ILB in a 50 D (3-4) and shared tackles with three other LBs. He does have the look of a quick, big-time thumper MLB which is what I think the Broncos need.

While the 2009 NFL Draft pool doesn't look as deep as '08 ... yet ... , I do like this possible fourth round: eight good looking football players at seven different positions. Assuming Denver has a fourth-round pick, there is much from which to choose on both sides of the ball.

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