Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brandon Marshall verdict coming soon...

The Denver Post's Mike Klis reported that Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last week for two and a half hours. Also in on the meeting were Broncos great Rod Smith and Broncos great attorney Harvey Steinberg.

This is how it started for Dallas Cowboys corner back Adam Jones, Cowboys defensive tackle Tank Johnson and free agent wide receiver (soon to be Dallas Cowboy) Chris Henry... The later two were suspended for eight weeks, while Jones received a full-year suspension.

Despite not being convicted of a single crime since being drafted by Denver, Marshall still most likely will receive some form of suspension. As Goodell has said previously, it is not enough to just avoid conviction, the employees of the NFL should avoid the situation all together. No more wrong place at the wrong time waiver.

The fact that Smith accompanied Marshall could mean that he could avoid a suspension... Depending on what was said.

We will keep you updated.

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