Monday, July 21, 2008

Links! (7/21/08)

Bang it right here for the Broncos Denver Broncos Blog!

Hi Everyone!

We've loved the love over the last few months, I think that both Sam and I are enjoying our 20,000th hit as much as possible. The little engine that could is closer to becoming the little engine that can. We have no one to thank but you our loyal readers.

Obviously, you know nothing personal about me, but tomorrow I will be off to the Smokey Mountains in wonderful North Carolina to wrap up a trilogy NFL script that I have been working on. You won't see it any time soon, so don't worry about e-mailing me about anything :) However, of course I'll keep everyone up to date as things become clearer. Just know that if you love movies or you love football, you have a lot to look forward to...

Stay faithful, Sam and I appreciate it, thanks guys. Here's some links (and some attempted humor):
And! That's all folks there's more- always so we'll do our best to keep everyone up to date.

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Garrett Barnes said...

Congrats guys! I remember when I finally made 20,000. It took a lot more time than you guys did! Congrats and as always love the site!