Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lynch Out: What's next for Denver?

Sad, sad news out of Denver, I responded to Kyle's post over at fellow Denver Broncos Blog - BroncoTalk by saying that, "I feel like my girlfriend just broke up with me (out of nowhere)." When my cell phone started lighting up with text messages, I assumed that Brandon Marshall had been suspended... Is that wrong of me? Then the news came in, Marshall's fine, but John Lynch is splitting with Denver!?

Good news/bad news, if John Lynch does in fact decide that he'd prefer reporting or manning a chair with CBS Sports/ESPN/Fox/NFL Network, et cetera and he retires... Could John Lynch and Rod Smith actually go into the Hall of Fame the same year? It's possible, if in fact Lynch does decide to retire as a Bronco.

Early word out of San Diego is that they would love to have him. I'm sure that Herm Edwards over in Kansas City would as well. Though he's not likely to get more playing time at either location than he would in Denver. Anywhere Lynch goes, if he does in fact stay in the NFL, is fine with me as Lynch will not join a program unless it is a perfect suit for him and his family. Bless the Lynch's and thank you for being such great citizens to the great city of Denver. Most of all John Lynch, thanks for the memories, the fans of Denver Broncos will not soon forget you.

Now, let's get down to business. The killer in me, the day the Denver Broncos picked up Marlon McCree from San Diego, wanted to see both Lynch and McCree lined up together in the deep Denver backfield. Would anyone dare go over the middle against Denver? Not realistic though, as they are both just a bit iffy in coverage. However, as this training camp has shown, outside of the base package- four defensive line men, three linebackers, to corners and two safeties- Denver was not going to utilize Lynch. McCree was brought in for all passing opportunities and rookie Josh Barrett was also utilized in the nickel formation and 4-3-3-1 formations.

Hamza Abdullah has placed his flag atop the depth chart of strong safety and even as a strong safety has been quite the ball hawk in passing situations. You never heard from me that John Lynch had lost a step, I don't think that's fair to say of a man who made the Pro Bowl last season and has started and been effective in all of the four-years that he played in Denver. However, Marlon McCree was brought in as Lynch insurance and McCree is just as capable of splitting someone's helmet as John Lynch was.

However, there's a dark horse in Denver, his name is Marquand Manuel. Ever seen the video of Manuel thumping Dallas running back Marion Barber? If I could find it, I'd share it, but the man's an animal. Fans of the Broncos should feel very happy with the hands that they're left in, given the absence of John Lynch. Both Manuel and McCree look to be very effective and true to Denver safety form. There will still be fireworks coming from the safety position Denver faithful, not to worry.

Here's some vintage Marlon McCree:

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