Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Preparing for the '09 Draft; pars quinta

Continuing with this very speculative exercise, let's briefly recap before moving on to rounds subsequent to the first. Definite anticipated needs in '09 will be FS, G and TE. The latest might be more of a depth issue which can be satisfied in a later round. Because of the fluid nature of the Draft itself, other positions like RB, MLB, OLB and DT should not be ignored in the event a highly regarded prospect is available.

Trading up is a possibility especially when an influx of Juniors pushes some highly regarded Seniors back in the first round and even into the second. It is a maneuver Mike Shanahan is not shy about using and when the roster becomes saturated with younger players, he won't hesitate to reduce his total number of picks in order to acquire certain players (as in '07).

Previously we listed some players of interest for the first round:
  • William Moore, FS, Missouri - my favorite FS for whom Denver would need to trade up;
  • Duke Robinson, G, OU - would fit in well next to Clady, but might require a move;
  • Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest - '08 developments could make him hard to pass up;
  • Taylor Mays, FS, USC - a Junior for whom a big year will improve his draft position;
  • Courtney Greene, FS, Rutgers - would be a solid pick at end of 1st/beginning 2nd.
Let's turn to the second round for some possibilities. Obviously, I think it's pretty likely the Broncos will choose a FS in the first round next year. Another definite need is G. I think a pretty good one might be there in the second round, Mitch Petrus from Arkansas. While not the devastatingly dominant prospect of Duke Robinson, I do like his verstility and athleticism and feel he would fit into Denver's OL perfectly.

Here are some others of interest who might be available to the Broncos in the second round of '09:
  • Evander Hood, DT, Mizzou, 6-3, 295, 49 tkl, 5 sk, 3 tfl, 5 pbu in '07;
  • Demetrius Byrd, WR, LSU, 6-1, 198, 35 rec, 621 yds, 7 TD in '07 [*4.4 speed];
  • Anthony Parker, G, Tennessee, 6-2, 305;
  • Ryan Purvis, TE, BC, 6-4, 258, 54 rec, 553 yds, 4 TD in '07;
  • Darry Beckwith, ILB, LSU, 6-1, 235, 65 tkl, 1.5 sk, 5 tfl, 4 pbu, 1 int in '07;
  • Pannel Egboh, DE, Stanford, 6-6, 274, 49 tkl, 6 sk, 7.5 tfl in '07;
  • CJ Spillman, FS, Marshall, 6-0, 195, 131 tkl, 2.5 tfl, 6 pbu in '07 [*Marshall's leading tackler];
  • Josh Mauga, MLB, Nevada, 6-2, 246, 82 tkl, 1 sk, 3 tfl, 3 pbu in '07 [*into game 7, out rest of season/WAC's leading tackler at that point]
Best case scenario for the first two rounds might be:

1st: William Moore, FS, Missouri; 2nd: Mitch Petrus G, Arkansas; OR
1st: Duke Robinson, G, OU; 2nd: Courtney Greene FS, Rutgers.

'08 developments on Denver's roster might alleviate the needs of FS and G, or other needs might supersede them. That's why other good prospects at different positions have been listed. Next time we'll see how far this prognostication can be pushed.

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