Monday, July 28, 2008

Denver Broncos Training Camp: Day 4 (Afternoon Practice)

That picture's from the morning practice, but it's of Marcus Thomas doing an impression of a brick wall...

Not a ton of notes from the Afternoon Practice, but- here's what we've got:
  • This practice focused on punting and kick offs, specifically the blocking for those specific acts.
  • Matt Prater is looking very good on kick-offs. No longer will fans have to suffer through opening kick-offs where teams catch the ball at their ten yard line and end up advancing it to their own 35.

  • We reported earlier that the kick returners looked to have slimmed down (only four practicing in the AM practice), they came out thick for the PM practice though: Anthony Aldridge, Glenn Martinez, Michael Pittman, Eddie Royal and Clifford Russell all returned kicks.

  • Domonique Foxworth did not suit for afternoon practice.
Told you that it was slim pickens this afternoon. Next afternoon will be just a "walk through" as well. So if anyone's planning on going to training camp tomorrow, get those autographs after the second practice when players are good and about as relaxed as they will get.

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