Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Denver Broncos will go 13-3, Part II

This took just a bit to come out, but I just wanted to add a quick update. The last time Denver went 13-3 (2005) this was their roster:

  • Quarterback: Jake Plummer and Bradlee Van Pelt
  • Runningbacks: Mike Anderson, Ron Dayne, Tatum Bell and Cecil Sapp
  • Fullbacks: Kyle Johnson
  • Wide Receivers: Ashley Lelie, Rod Smith, Darius Watts, Charlie Adams, Todd Devoe and David Terrell
  • Tight Ends: Jeb Putzier, Stephen Alexander, Nate Jackson and Wesley Dukes
  • Right Tackle: George Foster and Cornell Green
  • Right Guard: Ben Hamilton
  • Center: Tom Nalen
  • Left Guard: Cooper Carlisle, Chris Myers
  • Left Tackle: Matt Lepsis

  • Defensive Ends: Trevor Pryce, Courtney Brown, Ebenezer Ekuban and John Engleberger
  • Defensive Tackles: Gerrard Warren, Demetrin Veal and Michael Myers
  • Linebackers: Al Wilson, DJ Williams, Ian Gold, Keith Burns, Patrick Chukwurah and Louis Green
  • Cornerbacks: Champ Bailey, Darrent Williams, Domonique Foxworth, Karl Paymah and Roc Alexander
  • Free Safeties: John Lynch
  • Strong Safeties: Sam Brandon and Nick Ferguson

That was the roster the last time it happened, packed full of all pros and all stars. People who no less than three years later continue to dominate in the NFL (wait, that was me being sarcastic). A majority of those players no longer play in the NFL, are currently free agents, even knocked off the two-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots (Jan. 2006) and only about six (who happen to still be great players) are currently employed by the Broncos.

My point? Mike Shanahan did it with these guys, why would you doubt that he can do it with the current roster? Are we weaker in any of the above positions? Is Darrell Jackson not a more capable receiver than Ashlie Lelie? Selvin Young no more capable than Mike Anderson? Jay Cutler worse than Jake Plummer? Dre Bly less talented than Darrent Williams was? Doubters will continue to doubt of course, but I've given the believers a better argument.

Is it Sunday yet?

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