Monday, July 28, 2008

Dear Denver Media:

I've spent some time outside of New York recently in places like Tampa, FL and the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee and I realize that everyone has their own local celebrities. For example, in Tampa I've found that it was hard to avoid even non-news about the Hogan (as in Hulk) family. Through several intense evening broadcasts I was able to see the cell that Nick Hogan was spending his days and nights in, there were government released phone calls to his father, we even got the exciting opportunity to learn what Nick would be eating on a day-to-day basis!

Let me go back to New York for a second and tell you a story that involves the television show Extra! and my former company. One of the shows producers called just as we opened for the day and wanted the owner of the company to appear on camera to discuss possible image manipulation on a new Brittney Spears clip. I think the show was alleging that the girl may have had a dimple on her thigh, science forbid. So the owner of the company agreed to appear on camera and the small crew quickly made it our offices in downtown Manhattan.

Quickly setting up inside of our busy office, lights, tripods, preinterview and they're off- setup was a small television monitor with side-by-side images of Brittney Spears, the reporter asked that my boss watch the clips for a moment. He obliged, placed the ball of his fist loosely around his chin and said to the reporter, "Let me ask you a question... Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ to be your savior?" (My boss was Jewish).

He immediately followed up that little ditty with, "Do you realize what's going on in Iraq? Or Darfur? Get the [omitted] out of here..." Then he turned around and walked away. Leaving a confused crew and reporter gasping for a response.

That story is sponsored by Complete Colorado's (whom I will not link to) new "exclusive" story on Brandon Marshall. Essentially someone; Whom may or may not be trying to use this "exclusive breaking news" to piggy back into a larger market where they can cover other exclusives like whether or not a pop star has cellulite Has searched through some public records and pulled anything that had the receiver's name on it.

Regardless, they've got an "exclusive" story finding that there were as many as six phone calls to 911 stemming from incidents that occurred at or around Brandon Marshall's Highlands Ranch home. The Denver Post's going to be pissed! Why didn't they get to this first? So let me spare you the effort of Googling the article and point out that in five of those phone calls no police report was even filed. In the one report that did get filed it appears that a Denver Bronco, presumably someone other than Marshall, was threatened by a security guard.

They shouldn't just suspend this guy from the NFL, he should do hard time! I'm serious, if this were The McCarthy Era, the man would have been blacklisted already. If this were Salem, witchcraft would be blamed for the way no one can seem to tackle Marshall in the open field. Listen up media, this is Brandon Marshall:

And that's the only one we should be focusing on. Digging through dumpsters in an effort to further kick a man while he is down will do nothing for your life, career, paper or website. Let's give it a rest... Shall we?

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