Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hi everyone, sorry about the lack of content today (not that there's a lack of news), what with News organizations still reporting the hardcore facts about Brandon Marshall's traffic ticket (from three days ago). As you know from below Denver's started to actually sign draft picks that the team made in April, which is nothing but great news, because if we weren't going to sign them then we should have just traded those picks away and got someone like Eagles cornerback Lito Shepard or maybe we could have packaged this year's first, second and third along with next year's second for Devin Hester...

OKAY, I've been spending entirely too much time on the message boards today. Can't wait for Madden and I can make some of these things happen (I'm such a better GM than Shanahan). Seriously though, I did write a little bit today.

Bronco Madness was nice enough to give me a guest blog spot, so what did I do? I guest blogged, you can check out, "Life without Brandon Marshall?" I present the very likely situation that Brandon Marshall may not be able to suit for a couple games this season. Send Bronco Madness some love and check it out.

Here's a paragraph:
"...Marshall emerged last season, not just as Jay Cutler’s “go to” guy (I’ll still argue that’s Tony Scheffler anyway), he came out of the woodwork and had fans in awe saying things like, “My God, they can’t tackle him!” Didn’t even need a deep bomb with him, give him the ball three yards off the line of scrimmage, he may run for 70 yards to gain 15, but we knew he would get that 15…"
Now onto some more links (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!):
That's what I've got folks, see you later today.


Kyle said...

The Scheffler practicing link is about a month old, that's where the confusion comes from.


Ian said...

So, I guess that means Clady really won't be signed that soon =P Thanks for pointing that out. I deleted it from the list.