Thursday, June 5, 2008

3:00 AM Editorial

No one's going to put on their cape and save Coach Shanahan quicker than I will, but as far as I know offseason workouts are voluntary. Sacking Travis Henry for missing them (after being injured) couldn't this bring a lawsuit or at least a grievance of some kind? And Henry's undefeated when he goes up against the NFL in court.

There are the rumors that there was some type of altercation, though non-physical between Henry and Shanahan a week before his release. In reality, we saw Brandon Marshall out there, Dewayne Robertson, hell even Rod Smith was there this week and he hasn't even played in two years. I do see that Henry was 110% wrong, but rules are rules and with players missing offseason workouts because they "missed their plane" or "overslept", they can't be punished. Neither do they owe an explanation.

I don't know who really wins in this situation. Fan of the Broncos?

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