Monday, June 9, 2008

NFL Draft Countdown Grades Denver

Scott Wright the President of NFL Draft Countdown has reviewed the Denver Broncos 2008 Draft, here's an excerpt:
It's obviously still very early but this could be one of Denver's best Draft Day hauls in years. In fact, every one of their selections is probably capable of making a pro roster and contributing in one form or another. Not only did Denver address their greatest need (left tackle) and land prospects who are a perfect fit for their system but they got good value throughout the draft and it even looks like they might have hit on a couple of late rounders. Denver is going to be an interesting team to watch in 2008 and while it's hard to envision them overtaking San Diego in the AFC West they could certainly compete for a Wild Card spot and maybe even make some noise in the playoffs. This draft class doesn't offer a lot of flash and Clady is the only sure-fire rookie starter but the long-term prognosis looks bright.
To read the whole article (which get rather indepth) beat your clicker down here.

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