Friday, June 20, 2008

About last night... :-P

Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday, I had some personal issues and now I'm posting the first part of a two part blog that I'll have up completely by tomorrow.

By the way, don't be scared to comment (on Sam's articles, not mine, I'll argue with a brick wall about its thickness). We appreciate you guys checking us out, sometimes multiple times a day looking for content and we're getting ready to kick it into fifth gear before we get into training camp.

Here's some links:

Montrae Holland speaks so Ryan Clady doesn't have to.
I'm done talking about Javon Walker, but the Bellagio says his story's incorrect.
And the Broncos wish him well.
Keyshawn Johnson's got something to say about it too on TMZ.
Former Bronco Mike Anderson may be suspended.

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