Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shanahan- Colbert's the Truff (truth)

Sorry, don't know why I said, "Truff," instead of truth, it's my new icy grill... Anyway, we've got Coach Shanahan proclaiming Keary Colbert to be the second coming (of Rod Smith of course, not Christ, that'd be crazy). However, the writer spends most of the article comparing him to Ed McCaffrey, go figure.

The question that I have, really is that amongst the twelve or thirteen that Denver is currently employing as wide receivers, the only one not getting real recognition is the one that I feel deserves the most. I mean, I see articles on Keary Colbert, Samie Parker, Marquay McDonald, but really no one wants to interview the only real receiver on the roster that's proven himself for awhile now? Darrell Jackson.

Darrell, I'm going to get in touch with your Agent, we're going to talk... I'm not talking bad about Brandon Marshall, he's amazing, but let's give respect where it's do. In the words of Coach D'Amato from Any Given Sunday, "Yeah, you're good kid, but Cap Rooney's been doing it for years..." In this case Cap's Darrell Jackson and in the words of Luther 'Shark' Lavay (Lawrence Taylor) from the same film, "RESPECT will be paid."

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