Saturday, June 21, 2008

CBS: DeAngelo Hall is Wrong

Clark Judge a Senior Writer at has capped off an article, which is (halfway) favorable to Denver, but best of all, here's the first two sentences of the article:
"DeAngelo Hall is wrong.

When the Oakland cornerback said in an interview that the Raiders had the best set of corners in the league, he erred. The Raiders aren't the best at anything unless, of course, you're talking about losing."
If this were a Kay Slay tape then insert the overwhelming, "DAMN!" and let it resonate.

He has this to say about Denver:
"Champ Bailey is still the platinum bar of cornerbacks, the standard by which others are measured, and I don't care if you buy into it or not. Most GMs, coaches and personnel directors do, and that's good enough for me.

"He's an elite player," said one general manager. "He not only makes all the plays; he makes whoever plays with him better."

That would be Dre' Bly, and there's nothing extraordinary about him other than he takes too many risks ("for every five plays he makes, he'll miss on two others," said one GM). But pair him with Bailey, and, suddenly, the conversation changes.

"Dre' Bly is nothing better than OK," said an AFC offensive assistant, "but having him with Champ Bailey makes him look better than he is."

Yes, Bailey was hurt last year. He still was second-team All-Pro. That should tell you something. So should this: He has been chosen to eight consecutive Pro Bowls and four straight All-Pro teams.

"The guy is special," a pro personnel director said. "There's no downside to him."

While Bly did extremely well on his own last year (see the Pittsburgh game) there were times when he left me screaming at my television screen (see the Green Bay game). I'm not ready to give up on a guy who was forced to spend 75% of his pass coverage with his eye in the backfield, for help with run defense.

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