Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marshall says arrest was a shake down by his ex...

I'm going to do this "In His Own Words" style, the Rocky Mountain News is the first to post an interview with Brandon Marshall, that's where we got the quotes. I'm going to withhold judgment, I'm the first person to say that someone can change and usually the second to say women can be crazy, but where there's smoke, there's fire...

Let me catch you up, just a bit before you dive into the couple of quotes below. Marshall's ex-girlfriend admitted to "striking Brandon in the eye" during the March 2nd, 2008 fight. Also, over a 13 month period his ex-girlfriend's lawyers sent several e-mails claiming the Marshall had agreed to putting Rasheeda Whatley (Marshall's ex-girlfriend) up in a furnished apartment for a year, buying her a car comparable to her BMW 645, putting $30,000 into her bank account and that a settlement of $150,000 would be accepted (which later dropped to $100,000).

Prior to that Whatley through her lawyers had demanded $500,000 within 30 days. This is six weeks after the July 17th, 2006 incident (the 'blocking her in with his car' incident).

Which leads to...

Brandon Marshall, in his own words:

"Basically, what it was is I had just gotten into town and the relationship was basically over. I told her it was time to end it now and she didn't like that," said Marshall, who owns a home in the Atlanta area. "We've been dating off and on since the eighth grade and she said, 'I'm going to ruin you.' The only thing I did was try to get out of the house."

"If you look at Brandon Marshall's history, almost all — except the DUI — are about her," said Marshall, referring to himself in third person. "That's been my biggest problem is that I just ignored it. I thought we could work it out. ... Now, looking back on it, I can laugh about why I stayed in that relationship. I mean, it was ridiculous."

"Absolutely," he said. "You read the demand letters, 'Give me a BMW, furniture, what I'm used to, cash?' Come on."

“I can look you guys in the eyes or the camera, or I can tell you guys I am a good person. Like I said before, if you ever see me in the grocery store or the movie theater, you can always stop and talk to me.”

No wonder we have no clue whether or not Marshall can catch a pass, he can throw up a decent gang sign though (thanks BroncoTalk) while partying in the same club Javon Walker was in prior to being kidnapped and beaten the week before. If you troll the message boards like I do or if you caught Champ Bailey's interview on XM Radio earlier this summer, when he was backing the Broncos bringing Chad Johnson to Denver... Then you know what fans were saying about drama and begging Denver not to bring Johnson in. You may also remember when Terrel Owens was eating dinner at the Shanahan household and how fans were freaking out.

I'd take Chad Johnson/Terrell Owens ("That's my quarterback!") drama over Brandon Marshall drama right about now. Come on Brandon, get your shit together, between you and Marcus Thomas, a Denver Bronco should never leave the state and NEVER go to Florida (or Georgia apparently) unless John Lynch is showing you around. PR nightmare, thank God this is happening before the season, yet still the looming DUI incident which is scheduled to take place sometime in September. You better not cost us my predicted 13-3 season.

Is it Sunday yet?

PS- Officially less than one month until training camp begins.

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