Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boss Bailey Interview

From The Rocky Mountain News:

We asked new Broncos linebacker Boss Bailey, the brother of All-Pro cornerback Champ Bailey, to ...

Fill in the Blanks

The best and worst parts of being reunited with your brother . . .

"It's all good. I can't think of one single bad thing to say. I got one thing - we go out now and he makes me pay for everything."

Impressions of Colorado so far . . . "I love it. I found me a great home out here, and it's peaceful. It's a great town to be in here. They love their Broncos. They're expecting us to do a lot, and we're expecting a lot of ourselves."

Number of dreams you and Champ had of playing together in the NFL . . . "We never thought it would happen in the NFL. We're just trying to soak up every minute of it. Go hard every day, compete, learn from each other. We're enjoying it. We're having a ball right now."

Places in town Champ has taken you . . . "We go around town, we show up at some good restaurants and things like that. We get to hang out a lot."

Toughest running backs you have had to bring down . . . "(Brian) Westbrook has great balance. Everybody thinks of him as just a passing-down-type guy, but that dude is tough in the hole. I'd say him. LT (LaDainian Tomlinson), of course. And that young kid Adrian Peterson, he's a beast."

The most frustrating quarterback to play against . . . "That's Peyton Manning all day. He reads defenses so well and he's always seeing it all. He's on top of the game."

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