Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Cutler: The Next Great NFL Quarterback"

"He has an Elway-like swagger and confidence. He is a student of the game by all accounts. He's very studious and learns quickly on the field. He has been exceptionally clutch, only failing twice to not score in a game-tying or game winning-situation in the final half of the fourth quarter.

He already has eight fourth-quarter, game-tying or game-winning drives, and he would have had two more if not for dropped fourth-down passes. By all measures, he took the leadership role in his second year."

And so goes Nick Ruland's article over at The Bleacher Report. Now I know that the credibility of the Bleacher Report bloggers can be debated, but my credibility cannot. Ruland brings up an interesting point. How good is our Jay Cutler? Mike Martz says that he's better than Peyton Manning (or will be soon). Was Steve Young better than Peyton Manning? or John Elway? Because those are two guys that Mike Shanahan has tutored.

I'm coming back to this issue, just wanted to see what your guys' thoughts were on it.

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